avast! Beta Program

What is the Beta program good for? And why should I care?

Participants in our Beta program help us test the latest development build. As an avast! Beta user, you can enjoy the newest features that the rest of the world will see only when we officially release the new version of the software. If you’re a tech geek, then our Beta program is for you. By using avast! during the Beta stage, you help us deliver software that will work in your environment correctly and smoothly. A BIG thanks goes to all our Beta users, past and present.

Your browser is obsolete.

1. On 8 April 2014, Microsoft stops support for Internet Explorer browsers running on Windows XP. This will put your computer and data, such as credit card and online banking details, at greater risk to hackers and malware.

2. Several browser alternatives exist, but we at AVAST use and recommend Chrome, as we find it to be the most-secure option available.