Covenant Christian Academy saves $10K per year with AVAST

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, April 19, 2013Covenant Christian Academy in Houma, Louisiana, has a new ‘problem’ to think about: where it will allocate a savings of about $10,000 yearly, by not having to pay for computer security software.

The school’s IT Director stated that the school will save around $10,000 annually from its IT budget, now that it has begun using the AVAST Free for Education program for its facilities’ computers.

“Before, we had a mix of AVG, MSE, and Norton, but we’ve switched everything to AVAST,” said Jeremy Allen, IT Director for the school. “We’ll divert the savings into improvements such Wi-Fi, the phasing out of our XP machines, and trying to get some tablets and newer technologies for the kids.”

Mr. Allen had been an AVAST user for almost 10 years when he heard about the AVAST Free for Education program. He said he will recommend it to other administrators during upcoming school and church conferences.

“I have gotten my hands dirty with almost every antivirus out there,” said Mr. Allen. “AVAST is a far superior product and the fact that it has a free version and helps out schools is amazing. I recommend AVAST to everyone, and you know when you’re a nerd EVERYONE asks you ‘What’s the best antivirus?’.”

Covenant Christian Academy

About AVAST Free for Education

The AVAST Free for Education program, which offers free business-grade security software to educational institutions in the USA, launched in Q4 2012 and already protects over 2 million computers and servers, belonging to over 1,400 public and private schools, districts, universities, libraries, and related institutions. Any educational organization in the USA and its territories can apply for a free license to protect all its student and faculty computers at

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