Wolf Branch School Switches To Free Security Software From AVAST

~ School saves several thousand dollars it will reinvest in educational equipment ~

REDWOOD CITY, CA / SWANSEA, IL, May 23, 2013 The Wolf Branch School in Illinois has made a change to its IT security, and saved itself a lot of money in the process, by switching to free security software provided by AVAST Software. By making the move to AVAST, the school will be saving more than $4,000 over three years, which can now be spent instead on educational equipment for the students.

After having the AVAST Free for Education program recommended by another school and using avast! Free Antivirus successfully at home, Valerie Bush, Technology Coordinator at Wolf Branch School, did not hesitate to apply for her school’s free licenses.

“The process of getting our licenses was simple, and the software is easy to install and use,” said Ms. Bush. “I have always recommended AVAST to everyone I know for home use and I would absolutely recommend AVAST Free for Education to others. In fact, I already have passed the word along to several school districts, which I hope will be using it soon.”

The AVAST Free for Education program enables educational institutions in the USA to receive business-grade IT security software for free. Since its launch, the popular program has protected over 2.2 million computers and servers belonging to over 1,600 education institutions. For more information or to apply, visit: www.avast.com/education.

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2. Several browser alternatives exist, but we at AVAST use and recommend Chrome, as we find it to be the most-secure option available.