avast! 2014: Generating and sending a Support Package

What is the Support Package?

When contacting AVAST Technical Support with some issue, you might be asked for the Support Package with configuration files, logs and memory dumps gathered from your computer for further analysis and troubleshooting. In such a case, please follow these instructions:


It's supposed that you have been asked for the Support Package by our support engineers in order to send it to AVAST Technical Support. Otherwise, please register a new account on support.avast.com, if you are not registered yet, and submit a ticket to AVAST Technical Support at first, with the following details:

Generating the Support Package in avast! user interface

The Support Package can be generated easily via avast! user interface as follows:

  1. Right-click on the avast! orange ball icon in the system tray and select 'Open avast! user interface' from the menu,
    Figure I. A

    ...or double-click the desktop icon of installed avast! antivirus software to open the avast! user interface.
    Figure II. A

  2. From the main menu, select ' Help', and then click 'Feedback'.
    Figure III. A

  3. Scroll down to the GENERATE SUPPORT PACKAGE section, leave the default options selected (i.e. everything, except 'Full dumps') unless you are asked to do so by our support engineers. Then click the 'Generate Now!' button.
    Figure IV. A

  4. Once the Support Package is successfully created, you will receive an information dialog showing its file name and location on your computer. If you have already been asked for the Support Package by our support engineers, you can check the option 'Automatically send to AVAST', and then click 'OK' to send it to AVAST Technical Support. Otherwise, please submit a ticket to AVAST Technical Support at first, and when asked by our support engineers, manually upload your Support Package to our public FTP server.
    Figure V. A

Sending the Support Package to AVAST Technical Support

In most cases, you'll be asked for the Support Package with Minidumps and/or Full dumps, which file size range can vary from tens to hundreds of MB. Because it's not reliable to send such a large file over the e-mail, please upload your Support Package to our public FTP server:

...using any FTP client program, such as FileZila with the following credentials:

Host: Port: Servertype: Logontype: Directory:
ftp.avast.com 21 FTP Anonymous Incoming
  (Used by default if not specified) (File Transfer Protocol) (Arbitrary username and password)  

Figure I. B


Please be advised that:

  • This FTP is not automatically checked and you should upload only the files specified when contacting the AVAST Technical Support.

  • You have write-only privileges in this FTP directory, so you will not see any content or your uploaded file.


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1. 8. huhtikuuta 2014 Microsoft lopettaa Internet Explorer -selaimen tukemisen Windows XP -käyttöjärjestelmässä. Tämä asettaa tietokoneesi ja tietosi, kuten esimerkiksi luottokortti- ja verkkopankkitietosi, suurempaan vaaraan.

2. Vaihtoehtoisia selaimia on monia, mutta me AVASTilla käytämme ja suosittelemme Chromea (se on ilmainen!), sillä se on mielestämme turvallisin vaihtoehto.