Avast 8.x Mac: Registering Avast Free Antivirus for Mac

How to register Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac?

Once you have downloaded and installed Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac you have to register it in order to use the program and receive automatic updates even after 30-day trial period.

Registering Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac

To register Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Avast Menu bar icon on the top-right of the screen and select 'Open Avast' to open Avast user interface,
    Figure I.

    ...or you can open the 'Finder' from the Dock,
    Figure II.

    ...select 'Applications' on the left, and double-click 'Avast.app' icon.
    Figure III.

  2. From the MAINTENANCE section in the Avast user interface, select 'Registration' and click the 'Register now' button.
    Figure IV.

  3. If asked for authentication, enter the Name with Password you are using to access and administer your Mac and click 'OK'.
    Figure V.

  4. In an opened window click 'REGISTER YOUR SOFTWARE' to display Avast Registration screen.
    Figure VI.

  5. When the Avast Registration screen appears, stay on Create new Avast Account form, enter Your e-mail address (valid) and Password (twice to verify) you would like to start using for Avast Account where you can manage all your Avast software and services in one place, and when it's filled out, click 'REGISTER TO GET FREE LICENSE'.
    Figure VII.

    If you have already registered on Avast Account, just click 'Already have an account?' on the right to display Login to Avast Account screen,
    Figure VIII.

    ...enter your existing credentials to Avast Account, and when it's done, click 'REGISTER TO GET FREE LICENSE'.
    Figure IX.

  6. Once you have successfully submitted your new or existing credentials to Avast Account, you'll be informed that your registration is complete, and you can exit the Avast Registration screen.
    Figure X.

  7. Then your registration status will change to REGISTERED and the expiration date will be updated on the YOUR REGISTRATION screen.
    Figure XI.

Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac can now continue to be used for 12 months and you will continue to receive automatic updates for both, the program and your virus definitions. At the end of that time, it will be necessary to register for a new free license to use the program and remain protected against the very latest threats.


Avast Free Antivirus 8.x for Mac

Operating systems:

Apple Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks, Intel-based)
Apple Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion, Intel-based)
Apple Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion, Intel-based)
Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard, Intel-based)

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