avast! Beta Program

What is the Beta program good for? And why should I care?

Participants in our Beta program help us test the latest development build. As an avast! Beta user, you can enjoy the newest features that the rest of the world will see only when we officially release the new version of the software. If you’re a tech geek, then our Beta program is for you. By using avast! during the Beta stage, you help us deliver software that will work in your environment correctly and smoothly. A BIG thanks goes to all our Beta users, past and present.

您的 IE 浏览嚣已过时。

1. 在2014年4月8日,微软将不再为 Windows XP 操作系统上的 Internet Explorer 浏览器提供支持。 这将使您的计算机和数据,如信用卡和网上银行的详细资料,遭受黑客和恶意软件攻击的风险更大。

2. 几个浏览器替代存在, 但我们在 AVAST 使用并推荐 Chrome 浏览器,因为我们发现该浏览器在几个浏览器中最安全。