AVAST expands online privacy with acquisition of secure.me

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, April 30, 2013 – AVAST Software today announced that it has acquired secure.me, a leading privacy protection company specializing in social network security, keeping users’ sensitive information private and safeguarding their data from apps that may be insecure or that over-collect their data.

“The acquisition reinforces AVAST's position as a worldwide leader in security,” said AVAST Chief Executive Officer Vincent Steckler. “By including secure.me’s cutting-edge social-privacy and security technologies in our own security offerings, we will be giving customers even greater confidence in their online experience, whether they are on a PC, tablet, or a mobile device.”

With the acquisition of secure.me, AVAST gains new core technologies in social media privacy, advanced content inspection, and mobile device application security. AVAST also instantly becomes a significant player in social media security and privacy through secure.me’s Facebook security application, which is the number-one security application on Facebook. Its sophisticated algorithms analyze and draw attention to actions on Facebook that could hurt the user’s privacy, security, and reputation.

“We were always fans of the solutions and underlying technologies that secure.me has developed and brought to market,” said AVAST Chief Technology Officer Ondrej Vlcek, “and now we’re working at light-speed to fully integrate them into both our free and premium offerings, so our couple hundred million users can get all of the great benefits these capabilities deliver.”

The secure.me Facebook Security, App Security browser extension, and iOS App technologies will be available in AVAST products in late 2013, delivering another level of security to the nearly 200 million AVAST users.


secure.me is a leading privacy company dedicated to making the use of social networks and apps a safe experience for all. The company’s sophisticated cloud service is connected to Facebook, the center of most social online lives, where secure.me helps users keep sensitive information private, take control over the apps they use and avoid oversharing. secure.me is the number 1 Facebook security app, with 150,000 daily active users of all ages in more than 100 countries and ten different languages today.


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