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Business happens everywhere. Security should too.

Remote work is here to stay. Is your cybersecurity following employees everywhere and anywhere they connect? Start the new year with confidence and trust in your business security platform with the Business Hub.

Business happens everywhere. Security should too.
Business happens everywhere. Security should too.

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How to secure employees, everywhere they connect

The basics
Ensure that each employee has the right equipment and a reliable internet connection.
Assess risks
Conduct a risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and address them early. Take our IT Security Health Check to get started.
Install cloud-based cybersecurity
After assessing risk, ensure all employees and devices are secure outside of the office – with cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that protect against new and evolving threats in real time.
Keep systems and applications up to date
Hackers love capitalizing on unpatched software. Stay ahead with a patching solution that vets, automates, and deploys patches so you don’t have to.
Maintain quality support
Identify new support needs, such as video calling and messaging apps, and bolster IT services to be efficient and responsive in real-time.
How can the Business Hub help?

How can the Business Hub help?

How can the Business Hub help?

The Avast Business Hub is an integrated, cloud-based security platform for businesses and IT service providers to manage all Avast Business solutions deployed in their networks. It provides real-time visibility of threats, comprehensive reporting, and management capabilities - all from a single pane of glass.

Features & Benefits

Fast and easy to use
Increase productivity and achieve faster monitoring and deployments with a modern, intuitive user interface.
Enterprise-grade security
Deploy, configure, and maintain a range of security services to protect your business data, endpoints, applications, and networks from the most advanced cyberthreats.
Connect securely to any managed device
Use our free remote IT tool to connect securely to any device with the Avast agent installed and remotely resolve issues, perform tasks, reboot computers, transfer files, and chat with users.
Monitor threats from a single pane of glass
Configure notifications based on specific device actions and monitor from a centralized dashboard for full transparency into individual device issues. You can also monitor threats that might be spreading among connected devices.
Multi-tenancy support
Easily manage multiple sites or customers and streamline the responsibilities across large teams.
Global Policies
Configure global policy definitions in minutes and assign it to all sites or customers - saving time and resources.