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Email Archive

Cloud-based archiving for safely storing, searching, and recovering emails

Avast Business Email Archive and Archiving Lite are cloud-based archiving services that make it easy to store, search, and recover all email communications sent through your customers’ networks. Automatically archive incoming and outgoing emails for 60 days or as long as your customer needs. Continue to use email, even during internal network or server outages, through secure access to the cloud from any browser.

Archive and recover on-demand
Provide secure on-demand access to email from any location without mail queuing or sender ‘bounce-back’ messages. Emails are routed through our Email Archive gateway to remove spam and viruses, then indexed, encrypted, and stored.
Ensure email availability
Gain email continuity and peace of mind through our secure cloud infrastructure that is built for redundancy and reliability.
Generate revenue
Bundle Email Archive and Archiving Lite with other Avast Business security services for a comprehensive solution to win new business, upsell services, and add client value.*



  • Long-term Storage: Archive any number of incoming, outgoing, and internal email communications and attachments for an unlimited time without setup or data fees.
  • Automatic Compliance: Once archived, emails cannot be edited, modified, or deleted, providing full compliance for legal, audits, and other mandated data requests (SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR, etc)
  • Search and Import Options: Search any attachment using keywords. Import an unlimited number of email communications and attachments from existing Exchange servers.

Archiving Lite

Archive any number of incoming and outgoing email communications every 60 days for quick access to emails and attachments stored over the past two months. After 60 days, the emails and attachments are automatically deleted.

eDiscovery Tools

Search and quickly find any email or attachments within the archive using our powerful eDiscovery tools and restore emails from the archive right to your desktop.

User-friendly Web Interface

Archive, search, access, and recover emails in a few clicks through an easy-to-use, intuitive web interface.

Convenient Payment Model

Provide customers with a pay-as-you-go billing model without long-term contracts or commitments. Simply turn the service on or off as needed.

Management & Customization Options

Set up and manage new customers, configure settings, or offer co-administration options from the email security services platform. Brand customerfacing elements, including quarantine summaries, welcome messages, and more.

*Avast Business Archive Email and Archiving Lite are sold with our Avast Business Antispam service to remove spam prior to archiving.

An Avast Business CloudCare Service

Email Archive and Archiving Lite are Avast Business CloudCare services. CloudCare’s security platform and range of security services enable IT professionals to monitor threats and deliver layered security services to multiple offices, networks, and devices. CloudCare’s powerful combination of endpoint and network security services provide an unparalleled level of protection, in a central platform, where you only pay for the security services you need.

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