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Make yourself invisible to hackers

Firewall stops hackers from accessing your computer via Wi-Fi and the Internet.

What’s the risk?

Hackers can use Trojan viruses and keylogging software to access your computer and get at your personal data such as logins, passwords and banking details. They can also harness the power of your computer to run illicit activities without you knowing it (yes, your PC can be part of a gangster ring - strange, but true).

How can hackers steal my data?

Hackers can use any Internet connection or Wi-Fi network as an entry point into your computer. Once in, they can infect your PC with viruses or software that track which keys you pressed - an easy way to get at your credit card details and more. Firewall blocks all unauthorized connections to your computer, and even lets you select which programs can access the Internet, so you’re never connected without your knowledge.

Block unwanted access to your PC

Avast Premier and Internet Security both come with Firewall, giving you complete control over traffic to and from your PC.

Is Avast Premier or Avast Internet Security already protecting your PC? Perfect – your Firewall is on by default. If you want to tweak its settings, just open your Avast, go to Tools and select Firewall.

Don't have Avast yet?