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Avast Smart Home Security

Your connected world, fully protected.

Protecting your connected home

The devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network are digital windows into your family’s lives — and without proper protection, your privacy is at risk. Keep your home and family safe by protecting your connected devices with Avast Smart Home Security.

  • Total network control

    Know exactly what devices are connected to your network through our app.

  • Real-time threat detection

    Prevent privacy data leakage, malware threats, and device hijacking.

  • Immediate protection

    Receive alerts and shut down malicious attacks before any harm is done.

A safer world for your family

Get peace of mind by gaining insights into your child’s online behavior, controlling the content they see, and knowing where they are at all times.

Limit time spent on the Internet and block offensive or inappropriate content.

Use geo-location services with our companion child app to make sure your child is safe at all times.

How it works

Avast Smart Home Security hardware can be easily incorporated into your existing home network and fully controlled via our companion app. Complete protection, no hassle.

How does it work?

Powerful and easy to use

Driven by AI

Using artificial intelligence, Smart Home Security learns how to detect unusual behavior in your home network and immediately notifies you of any malicious activity.

Always up-to-date

By continuously learning the behavior of new devices and processing big data in real-time, Smart Home Security provides world-class security, privacy, and insights.

Works on every connected device

Smart Home Security acts as the central hub of your home’s comprehensive security solution. Our app makes it easy to manage.

Doesn’t slow you down

Smart Home Security has been designed so that it will not affect your router performance or slow down your Internet connection.


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