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At Avast, we work every day to keep the world safe online

We support our mission by working to cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity experts and to educate people to stay safe online

cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity is growing in importance, but the sector faces a critical skills shortage. We are partnering with universities and organizations to encourage the best and the brightest men and women from around the world to choose a career in cybersecurity - and start solving tomorrow’s security problems, today.


The internet is part of everything we do - and the more you know about how your data is being used, what content your children might access, and how to understand potential threats, the better. We’re using our expertise to educate and empower people to keep themselves and their families safe online.

Teaching kids to
“Be Safe Online”

We have teamed up with YouTube celebrity Jirka Kral, visiting schools throughout the Czech Republic to educate children, teachers, and parents about how to be safe online in the digital world. Everyone is having fun while learning a lot about how to stay safe on social media and while playing online games, and how to protect their own privacy. We are visiting a school in every region throughout the country during 2018.

Avast Cyber Pathways Avast Cyber Pathways is an extracurricular workshop launched for high school students to participate in after school. The program educates and exposes students to cybersecurity, careers in the industry, and gives them the opportunity for a hands on hacking exercise. The most recent event was held with the Girls Who Code club at a local Silicon Valley High School. Date: April 10th, 2019 | Location: Mountain View, California | Speakers: Deepali Garg and Martin Hron

Partnering with UC Irvine Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute

We are working with universities such as UCI to help cultivate talented people and bring them into the security industry. We are a proud sponsor and advisor for the institute. We recently sponsored the University of California, Irvine, high-school cybersecurity curriculum program aiming to educate our cybersecurity experts of the future.


Real world experience at the
Cambridge Hackathon We send our cybersecurity experts to multiple hackathons throughout the year, providing hands on experience to build a new generation of cybersecurity experts. This year, the Cambridge Hackathon drew hundreds of such students, excited about cybersecurity. We challenged them to solve our Hack Challenge and had some very enthusiastic participants!