Avast 2015: Getting the setup log file when the installation fails

How to get the setup log file when the installation of Avast 2015 fails?

When contacting Avast Technical Support to report that the installation of Avast 2015 can not complete or quits unexpectedly on your computer, you might be asked for a setup log file for further analysis. The setup log can be accessed and copied to a text file from the screen where Avast Setup wizard informs about an error while completing the setup.

Getting the setup log file when the installation of Avast 2015 fails

To get the setup log file from Avast Setup wizard, please proceed as follows:

  1. When Avast Setup wizard tells you about an error while completing the setup, click the 'View setup log' button in the middle of the screen.
    Figure I.

  2. You will get to Avast Log Viewer screen where you have to set Verbosity to 'Debug' listing from the rollover menu in the left corner.
    Figure II.

  3. Then click the 'Copy to clipboard' button in the lower right corner.
    Figure III.

  4. Now, open the 'Notepad'.
    Figure IV.

  5. In the 'Notepad' select 'Edit' from the top menu bar, and click 'Paste' to insert the setup log data from the clipboard.
    Figure V.

  6. Then select 'File' from the top menu bar, click 'Save as...',
    Figure VI.

    ...and 'Save' the setup log as a text file named SetupLog.txt somewhere on your computer where you can easily locate it later, for example on your Windows Desktop.
    Figure VII.

  7. When it's done, exit the 'Notepad', click 'Close' to exit Avast Log Viewer,
    Figure VIII.

    ...and 'Done' to exit Avast Setup wizard.
    Figure IX.

After all, please compress the setup log file SetupLog.txt using a file compression utility (*.zip) built in Windows for example, and and send it as an e-mail attachment to Avast Technical Support for further analysis.

Figure X.


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