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Comprehensive, cloud-based protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email threats

Avast Business Antispam is a cloud-based email security service that delivers advanced protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malicious email-borne threats. Quickly identify the sources of spam and block these and other unwanted or malicious emails from hitting your customers’ networks. Keep inboxes clean and reduce the risk of users clicking unsafe email links.

Configure easily
Save time with a fast setup for individual users or entire organizations without slowing down network resources.
Provide in-depth protection
Reduce customer frustration from spam hitting networks and limit service calls with email protection that immediately identifies spam and blocks it.
Generate revenue
Deliver Antispam as a standalone service or bundle with other Avast Business security services for a comprehensive solution to win new business, upsell services, and add client value.


Volume-based Email Protection

Eliminate inbound emails destined for unknown individuals at customer domains.

Outbound Mail Monitoring

Monitor outbound emails for spam and viruses and block them to prevent employees from inadvertently sending out malicious content. Outbound mail monitoring also helps prevent IP address blacklisting.

Email Spooling

Spool inbound email free-of-charge for 14 days for peace of mind in case of a local server outage or other unexpected event.

Permitted Countries List

Block messages from any country other than those countries specifically approved by the customer’s individual users or organization.

Antispam Control Panel

Provide users an easy way to update email access preferences, including blocking emails or moving emails to a whitelist, by inserting a control panel at the bottom of incoming messages.


Create and manage multiple addresses quickly and easily for individual inboxes, enabling users to disclose email aliases as an alternative to providing their primary email address.

Convenient Payment Model

Provide customers with a pay-as-you-go billing model without long-term contracts or commitments. Simply turn the service on or off as needed.

Management & Customization Options

Set up and manage new customers, configure settings, or offer co-administration options from the email security services platform. Brand customer-facing elements, including quarantine summaries, welcome messages, and more.

An Avast Business CloudCare Service

Antispam is one of our Avast Business CloudCare services. CloudCare’s security platform and range of security services enable IT professionals to monitor threats and deliver layered security services to multiple offices, networks, and devices. CloudCare’s powerful combination of endpoint and network security services provide an unparalleled level of protection, in a central platform, where you only pay for the security services you need.

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