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mobile security protects over 200 million mobile users

At Avast, our job is to predict, intercept and neutralize threats that jeopardize the online security of our 400 million online users. Whether you’re connecting, communicating, sharing or shopping, you can be confident that your most sensitive data is being protected by effective, user-friendly products built around three core components:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Performance

Over 2.5 million unique mobile threats detected in 2017

Avast Mobile Security’s intelligent machine learning technology learns how to identify suspicious behavior by continuously monitoring typical and atypical behavior of both clean and malicious files.

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14 million gigabytes of data secured every month

Avast SecureLine VPN uses highly advanced shields to keep your online activities private, and bank-grade encryption to ensure the security of your connection, wherever you are.

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22 million gigabytes of junk files removed in 2017

Avast Cleanup uses a sophisticated algorithm that safely analyzes and optimizes your photos to free up storage space on your device, in addition to removing hidden junk files and boosting performance.

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