Avast Antivirus: Getting the setup log file if your installation fails

How to get the setup log file when Avast Antivirus fails to install

When you contact Avast support to report that Avast Antivirus failed to install on your PC, you may be requested to provide a setup log file for further analysis. You can access the setup log from the Avast Setup wizard when you are notified of the error, then copy it to Notepad and save it as a text file.

Follow the quick or detailed steps in this article to obtain the setup log file so that Avast support can help you resolve the problem.

Follow these steps from the page in the Avast Setup wizard that announces the setup error:

  1. Click View setup log to be directed to the Avast Log Viewer and change the Verbosity setting to Debug.
  2. Click Copy to clipboard then paste the file into Notepad and save it with the name SetupLog.txt.
  3. Compress the SetupLog.txt file and send it to Avast support as an attachment.

After analyzing the file, Avast support will advise you how to proceed.

Follow these steps from the Avast Setup wizard when you are notified of a setup error:

  1. Click View setup log to be directed to the Log Viewer.
  2. Change the Verbosity setting in the bottom-left corner to Debug, then click Copy to clipboard.
  3. Open Notepad, then click Edit and select Paste to insert the setup log data that you previously copied to your clipboard.
  4. Click File, then select Save as....
  5. Save the text file with the name SetupLog.txt somewhere you can easily locate it (such as your desktop), then exit Notepad.
  6. Return to the Avast Viewer Log and click Close to exit the window.
  7. Compress the SetupLog.txt file using a file compression utility (*.zip), and send it as an attachment to Avast support.
    For guidance, see the following article:

After analyzing the file, Avast support will advise you of the next steps to take.

  • Avast Premier 12.x
  • Avast Internet Security 12.x
  • Avast Pro Antivirus 12.x
  • Avast Free Antivirus 12.x
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 8 / Pro / Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional / Media Center Edition

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