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A safe inbox means a safer PC

Install Avast

Have you ever gotten an email with

A suspicious sender
A vague greeting
Bad grammar
Demands for your personal info
Strange links
No security signature

That’s a phishing email, and someone’s trying to scam you into giving them private data, or downloading malware.

50% of all phishing emails work
How can you avoid them?

By not opening suspicious emails, anyone can avoid phishing scams. But for extra protection against threats both in and out of your inbox, you can use Avast Free Antivirus.

Avast Web Shield

keeps any suspicious links from taking you to dangerous websites.

Avast File Shield

scans attachments and other files to make sure they’re safe for your PC.

Avast also keeps your friends, family, and contacts safe, by marking all of your emails with a security signature.

Show off your secure inbox

To give peace of mind to the people you message, Avast adds a security signature to your outgoing emails - proof that your message is virus-free. But if you’d rather we didn’t, you can turn this on or off at any time.

Open Avast

Open your Avast UI by clicking on the Avast icon in your system tray

Click on Settings

The small gear icon in the top right corner

Enable email signature

Under the General tab, check/uncheck ‘Enable Avast email signature’ and confirm with ‘OK’

Now restart your browser

Your email signatures will now be turned on or off.

But wait, there’s more!

Avast Free Antivirus - Nitro Update is more than an email protector. It keeps your entire PC, top to bottom, secure with lightweight features that won’t slow you down.

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