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SDSI adds Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway to enhance Boca West Country club's security posture

Systems Design & Support, Inc. (SDSI) is an MSSP based in south Florida. Since 1995, they have been a premier systems integrator and network consultant. They have a complete team of on-staff certified experts in VoIP, IP/PBX, network WAN and LAN, Internet, servers, network and email security, system monitoring, and business continuity solutions.

Norman Landerman is Director of Sales at SDSI and has been with the company since 1996. He sits down with Avast to discuss his experience with Secure Internet Gateway and the role it has played in helping customer Boca West Country Club continue to grow and expand operations.

SDSI website: www.net-sdsi.com
Boca West Country Club website: www.bocawestcc.org

Tell us about Boca West Country Club

Boca West is the nation’s premier residential country club community, encompassing over 1,400 acres in Boca Raton, Florida. For more than 6,000 residents, including nearly 3,500 families – there are distinctive home styles to suit an arrangement of design, architecture and personal preferences. There are 55 unique residential villages bordered by waterways and four celebrated championship golf courses by famed golf legends and course architects Pete Dye, Jim Fazio, and Arnold Palmer. Boca West also offers an outstanding tennis facility of 30 Har-Tru Hydro tennis courts, a U.S. Open Cushion Court with eight Pickleball courts and Tennis Center. In addition to great golf and tennis, members benefit from spectacular club facilities that include a world-class European-styled spa, fitness and aquatics centers, along with marvelous restaurants offering everything from casual to gourmet fare.

Tell us about Boca West Country Club

The Club’s facilities include a world-class European-styled spa, fitness and aquatics centers, and the best restaurants and catering facilities that offer everything from casual to gourmet fare, with everything from casual to elegantly formal environs.

What problems did you need to solve?

Boca West is a complex campus network with multiple connected and stand-alone facilities to protect. They have many IOT devices and cloud-based lines of business applications and vendor solutions. Up to 900 staff members occupy offices and roam the hallways, event venues, ballrooms, dining rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, and athletic and wellness facilities, with 300 of the staff members being active users on the Club’s internal network.

Boca West is in constant state of growth and change and as a result, so are the network requirements. Internet bandwidth requirements and provisioning increase continually, as do the number and types of devices to be supported. With this growth, the cost and headaches of the old on-premise appliances, including upgrades and replacements, were increasing exponentially with each new change. Combine that with today’s new technology requirement of inspecting SSL encrypted traffic and other enhanced security features, it was becoming cost-prohibitive and counter-productive to purchase more security appliances to fully address the club’s ever-expanding needs.

What problems did you need to solve?

How did the Secure Internet Gateway service help meet your customer’s needs?

By implementing Secure Internet Gateway (SIG), Boca West is now able to increase their bandwidth without limit and without any additional cost or compromise on throughput, performance, or security. As Boca West grows, expansion of SIG will simply mean adding more seats - not installing more locations, appliances, and upgrades. With Secure Internet Gateway services, Boca West now has increased their cutting-edge security and can more easily take on the future.

Why did you select Avast as your vendor of choice for your customer?

As an MSSP, we selected Avast as our vendor of choice because they provide us with a very unique, proven service that differentiates us in the mid-sized business market. Also, delivery of encrypted threats like ransomware are an increasingly major threat to all businesses and Avast is the only provider that delivers this level of protection for our customers.

Why did you select Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) for your customer?

SIG provides cloud-based cybersecurity, which we feel is crucial in today’s world, it inspects encrypted traffic, and its technology is always evolving to keep fighting the latest online threats.

Very important: As a stand-alone Security-as-a-Service, the AVAST SIG solution is “carrier and telco agnostic”: This gives the MSSP and their customers complete control to deploy and maintain the most appropriate and robust solution, specific to the needs of the customer, with the flexibility to be without dependence upon or allegiance to any Internet service provider or service delivery platform.

If you are not inspecting encrypted traffic you are not inspecting the majority of your Internet traffic. And, if you are not inspecting encrypted traffic: You are not effectively preventing the most malicious of cyber-crimes. You are, in fact, ENABLING it. Changes in the technology employed by these cyber-threats now demand changes in the cyber-security technology employed to defeat them. Only the efficiencies and effectiveness of SIG delivers this technology while offering the cost-effectiveness to keep it affordable for the mid-sized enterprise.

How has your experience with SIG been so far?

Our experience so far with SIG has been excellent. We have deployed solutions to enterprises with as few as 25 users to those with multiples of hundreds. While the initial deployment is straightforward and relatively easy, the ability to fine tune the solution in coordination with the customer offers MSSPs powerful cloud management and customization that provides a tremendously robust end result specifically tailored to the needs of customers of all sizes.

How has your experience with SIG been so far?

What are the biggest benefits that SIG has provided for you and your customer?

SIG allows the security perimeter to be extended to users and devices which have now moved beyond the traditional network perimeter. SIG encompasses mobile and remote users and devices on virtually any technology platform, and supports virtually any deployed software and cloud-hosted applications. It extends the same firewall functionality, rules, and controls which used to exist on the “inside,” “behind” the traditional firewall, to all these same devices.

Beyond the ubiquitous security provided by this cloud security solution. SIG literally transcends the physical and technical limitations of premise-based or “private-cloud” solutions, as well as avoids the cost and maintenance of those systems.

Would you recommend SIG to other MSSPs looking for powerful, cloud-based firewall capabilities 100% from a global cloud network?

Yes, we would definitely recommend SIG to other MSSPs. As data and users move outside the traditional perimeter and to the cloud, we’ve found a powerful solution that grows with our customers.

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