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Avast Mobile Security for Android: FAQ

Avast Mobile Security is a free antivirus app for Android which secures devices against unwanted phishing, malware, and spyware, as well as malicious viruses such as trojans.

Most people do not realize how many threats are lurking in the world of mobile devices. We have registered thousands of unique apps that exhibit malicious behavior. Most of them are eventually removed from the market, but Avast Mobile Security can detect them when they hit, before they do any damage.

Some threats are a danger no matter which platform you use. For example, phishing scams are fraudulent websites that appear to be authentic. These sites lure users into entering sensitive details and have preyed on PC users for years. Unfortunately many people browse the web using their mobile devices without the taking the same safety measures that they would on PCs. When you install Avast Mobile Security, the Web Shield component protects you from these and other threats while browsing the web on your mobile device.

System Requirements

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General questions

What are the system requirements for Avast Mobile Security?

You can install and run the latest version of Avast Mobile Security on any device capable of running operating systems Android 2.3 or later.

Avast Mobile Security supports both Android phones and tablets.

If you are using a custom ROM the app may not work as expected. Please report any feedback via our support pages.

Avast Mobile Security is not supported and cannot be installed or run on Symbian, iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone/Mobile, Bada, WebOS, or any other mobile operating system other than Android.

Avast Mobile Security is not supported on Nokia, IPhone or iPad devices.

Is Avast Mobile Security compatible with all Android device vendors and manufacturers?

Yes, Avast Mobile Security is compatible with all ARM Android devices. However, each vendor or manufacturer makes slight changes in their devices, so some features may have show unexpected behavior or in rare cases, not even work. Please note that Avast cannot cover all of these vendor customizations to the OS. However we gladly accept feedback if you experience any compatibility issue on your Android device.

How can I download Avast Mobile Security?

Avast Mobile Security is available for download at the Google Play Store.

How can I install Avast Mobile Security?

The easiest way to install Avast Mobile Security is on the Google Play Store:

  1. Open Play Store from the Apps screen on your Android device and search for Avast Mobile Security with the keyword, avast, or open a web browser and go to this page:
  2. Select Install on the Avast Mobile Security screen, and if asked for permissions, select Accept.
  3. Once the download is complete, choose Open to start using the application.
  4. Select Continue to confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the AVAST End User License Agreement. On the next screen tap Continue to set up the protection.
These steps can differ slightly depending on your device model, operating system version and its vendor customizations. For more information please read the following article:

How can I install Avast Mobile Security on a multi-user device?

Android version 4.2 provides multi-user support on devices, typically tablets. In this environment one user is an administrator and each user has data stored in separate places. Each of the users can customize their Avast Mobile Security preferences. Avast Mobile Security only needs to be installed once on the device, but each user needs to set up the program for their login.

Only the user account which installed the app can uninstall the program.

How can I uninstall Avast Mobile Security?

To fully uninstall Avast Mobile Security, please follow these steps:

  1. From the main screen open your device Settings.
  2. Select the Apps, then Avast Mobile Security.
  3. Select Uninstall and then tap OK to confirm.
These steps can differ slightly depending on your device mode, Android version and vendor customizations.

How do I cleanly install Avast Mobile Security?

If you are experiencing issues with your current installation of Avast Mobile Security we recommended removing the application and its data before re-installing. Go to the Settings → Apps → Avast Mobile Security on your device, tap Clear cache, then Clear data, and finally uninstall.

What is Virus Scanner?

Avast Mobile Security provides both an automatic and on-demand virus scanner for Android devices which is capable of scanning all of the installed applications and memory card contents. Mobile Security also scans all newly installed applications the first time the application is run.

Virus definitions are updated automatically. The user can also manually update them in Tools → Settings → Updates → Check for update.

When malware is detected, the system offers to uninstall the application or to delete the file. You can report false positives directly to our virus lab when they are detected.

What is Avast Anti-Theft?

Avast Anti-Theft is an optional extension to Avast Mobile Security 4. This extension is designed to protect your private data and to help you recover your phone in case of loss or theft.

You can configure Avast Anti-Theft to automatically perform certain actions, for example, to sound an alarm if an untrusted SIM card is detected. You can install Avast Anti-Theft as a hidden application, so that the feature is not visible to a potential thief in case the device is lost or stolen. Furthermore, you can try to recover the device, and lock or erase your private data, by tracking and controlling the device remotely using SMS commands or from your Avast Account.

What is Wi-Fi Security?

The Wi-Fi Security function of Avast Mobile Security enables you to confirm whether a Wi-Fi network is secure.

You can connect to a network from Wi-Fi Check and run a scan, or scan a network that your device is already connected to. The scan checks the network for problems with the router, encryption, Wi-Fi, and connection. When complete, Wi-Fi Security advises if the network is safe, and notifies you of potential threats. Wi-Fi Check also describes the issue in details and offers the possible solution.

What is App Locking?

App Locking provides you with an optional layer of additional security by protecting your device applications with a PIN number. You can create a PIN number and select the applications that you want to secure. This feature requires that you enable access permissions in the System Settings of the device.

PIN number can be changed later in Tools → Settings → Change PIN options.

Each time that you open an application that is protected by App Locking, you are prompted to provide your previously created PIN number.

What is SMS and Call Filter?

The SMS and Call Filter included in Avast Mobile Security 4 allows the user to block SMS text messages and/or voice calls from numbers in the contact list. The filtering is defined based on selected contacts, days in the week, starting time and ending time. When a call is blocked it is redirected to voicemail. When an SMS is blocked it is stored in the SMS and Call Filter log. It is also possible to block outgoing calls. Please note that Avast Mobile Security cannot block incoming messages on devices running Android version 4.4 or higher, or LG phones with Android 2.3.x and higher.

Blocked calls and messages appear in the log which is available from the main screen for this feature.

What is Site Correct?

Site Correct is a cloud-based feature which checks URLS entered in your browser address tab. Some malicious sites or malware exploit users' common typing errors to foist an inauthentic web page on the user. To prevent this, Site Correct detects common typing errors and offers a correction. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Shields → More details → Web Shield.

What is Message Shield?

Message Shield scans incoming messages for malicious URLs, USSD codes or phishing threats. This tool can also be used to block messages from unknown contacts (typically spam) by enabling the feature in Message Shield options. Blocked SMS messages are stored in the SMS Blocker log. Message Shield options can be controlled in Shields → More details → Message Shield.

What the is App Shield?

The App Shield scans applications when they are installed and when they are executed. The user can enable or disable scanning for each application. The total of the scanned applications is visible. App shield options can be managed in Shields → More details → App shield.

What is File Shield?

The File Shield scans all items, from internal or external sources, being saved (written) or accessed (read) on your device. By default the shield is enabled to scan files when writing, meaning only files being saved to device are scanned. With this setting, if you download files from another computer which are infected, the File Shield detects them as they are downloaded to your device, before you open them. File Shield options can be managed in Shields → More details → File Shield.

If you are using an older device, and the File Shield is set up to scan files when reading and writing, you may encounter issues with more use of battery or CPU than is usual, especially when file traffic is high. If you experience this issue, you may want to set the File Shield to scan files when writing only.

What is Activity Log?

The Activity log lets you see all activity done by Avast Mobile Security. You can select which items you want to see in the log. View the log by choosing the option Show activity on the main screen. The log automatically conserves space by cleaning up 100 lines whenever the 500 line maximum is reached. The file cam be stored on the device SD card. Option of saving the activity log to the file on the external storage can be activated in Avast Mobile Security Settings

What is Network Meter?

The Network Meter allows you to view how much data flows through your device. The Network Meter logs all applications, including system applications which may not be visible in the standard view. The status is renewed every 2 minutes, so if you experience higher than usual battery consumption you may want to disable this feature. You can disable the Network Meter in More tools → Network Meter → Settings.

Can Avast Mobile Security protect me against all possible threats?

When configured correctly, Avast Mobile Security protects your device from known malware and threats and monitors data going in and out according to your preferences. We do our best to protect your device against all possible threats, but no solution is 100% effective. Like all products on the Android market, it is subject to limitations imposed by the operating system version which is running on the device. It cannot protect against exploits targeting specific vulnerabilities in the OS kernel, the network stack and other fundamental parts of the system. However we take our role in the security industry seriously, and continuously work with Android vendors to develop future solutions to minimize the risk of attacks.

Why does Avast Mobile Security need so many permissions?

When you install Avast Mobile Security on your device, it requires many permissions that may seem unnecessary at first glance. For example, why would Avast Mobile Security need the permission to directly call phone numbers or receive SMS messages?

To understand the reason for granting these permissions, you have to understand that the permission classifications in Android are not very specific. Permissions control which API groups can be used by the application and each group is assigned a name based on its most common use case. For example the Directly call phone numbers permission is needed to implement the SMS and Call Filter functionality, not to make any phone calls. Another example is that full Internet access permission is required to receive updates to malware definitions. The Virus Scanner and Web Shield need the permission to read phone data so the data can be scanned for threats. For more information please read the following article:

We take your privacy very seriously. The permissions requested are the minimum set that is needed to implement the functionality of Avast Mobile Security.

How much battery does Avast Mobile Security use?

Avast Mobile Security is designed to have minimal impact on battery life.

Testing across multiple devices shows that all services by this app generally take up less than 5% of battery consumption. (By comparison, the Launcher can take up about 15% and Gmail about 8%.) During a few operations, such as formatting the SD card or wiping all phone data, Avast Mobile Security can reach at maximum 20% of battery use at the peak of CPU use (about 30-60 seconds).

Does Avast Mobile Security report different malware detections than Avast Antivirus for desktop computers?

Virus Scanner and Shields included in Avast Mobile Security use different definitions than the ones used in our antivirus software for PCs. The application is customized to run on mobile devices, and so the definitions are specific to malware which attacks mobile platforms. This saves your device from being overloaded by our PC antivirus engine, which includes an enormous amount of malware data which is not relevant at all to your mobile device.

How can I give my feedback about the app?

There are many ways you can show your appreciation and support Avast mobile products. For example:

  • Write a positive review on Google Play.
  • Tell your friends about our software on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Post reviews in Android related forums.
  • Avast Mobile Security 4
  • Android 2.3 and later

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