Avast Mobile Security: Installing Mobile Security

How to install Avast Mobile Security

Before you install Avast Mobile Security, ensure that:

  • Your device is running a supported operating system – Android 4.1 or later version.
  • You are connected to the Internet. We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection, if available.
  • Avast Mobile Security for Android is not supported on iOS, Symbian, icrosoft Windows Phone, or any other operating system not listed.
  • Follow these steps to install Avast Mobile Security:

    1. Open Google Play Store on your device.
    2. Search for the avast keyword, select Mobile Security & Antivirus and tap the Install button on the next screen.
    3. Tap Accept, if you agree to the necessary permissions.
    4. Avast Mobile Security is downloaded to your device. Tap Open.
    5. Tap End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy to open and read both documents. If you accept the terms, tap Get started.
    6. Avast Mobile Security offers to scan your installed applications. Tap Scan to continue.
    • Avast Mobile Security 6.x
    • Android 4.1 (API 16 and higher)

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