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Photo Space is a free mobile app designed to provide you with more space for photos on your iOS device. The app optimizes the photos that are stored on your device and transfers the original, high quality versions to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive cloud storage service. You can also take photos using the Photo Space camera to immediately optimize new photos on your device and send the originals to your cloud account.

This article answers questions related to the features, settings and general use of Avast Photo Space for iOS.

Download and Installation

Features and Settings


What are the system requirements for Photo Space?

You can install and run Photo Space on any Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, or Apple iPad running iOS 8 and higher.

How can I download and install Photo Space?

Photo Space for iOS devices is available from the App Store. Follow these steps:

  1. Open App Store from the apps screen of your device.
  2. Search for Avast Photo Space.
  3. Open the Avast Photo Space page, tap Get, and if asked for permissions, select Accept.
  4. Tap Open when the download is complete.
  5. Tap Continue to confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the AVAST End User License Agreement.

Photo Space is ready to use on your device. The app is only available in a free version so you do not need a license to activate and use the app.

How can I uninstall Photo Space?

To remove Photo Space from your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Avast Photo Space icon on the main screen of your device for a few seconds.
  2. Tap the small X which appears in the upper-left corner of the icon.
  3. Confirm that you want to remove the app from your device.

Photo Space is no longer installed on your device.

Can I change my Photo Space settings?

Yes. From your Photo Space Gallery, tap the Settings icon to open a list of settings. In the Backup section, turn the following options on or off depending on your preferences:

  • Upload only using Wi-Fi: turn on to upload photos to your cloud storage account only when you are connected to Wi-Fi (this option helps you avoid accidentally using data against your cellular data plan).
  • Automatic mode: turn on to enable Photo Space to automatically optimize and upload new photos to your cloud storage account each time you open the app. Otherwise, you can manually select the photos that you want to optimize and transfer to your cloud storage account. We recommend that you keep the app open during the upload process even in Automatic mode.
  • Notifications: turn on to be notified when original photos are uploaded to your cloud storage account, and you are ready to initiate the optimization process.

In the My Clouds section, connect to your preferred Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account. You can connect to more than one account at a time, however, Photo Space uploads to the first connected account and uses the secondary account only when a transfer fails.

Does photo optimization affect image quality?

To provide you with more space for photos on your device, Photo Space transfers the original versions of your photos to your cloud storage service and retains optimized versions on your device. When compared, the original and optimized versions look very similar on your device screen. For printing purposes, however, we recommend that you use the original versions from your cloud storage account.

What is 'the cloud' and which cloud storage services does Photo Space support?

'The cloud' refers to virtual storage space where you can safely store your media and files such as photos, videos, and documents without affecting the storage space on your device. Several cloud storage providers exist, however, with Photo Space, you can connect to and transfer photos directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

How can I connect or disconnect from a cloud storage service?

To connect to a Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive cloud storage service in Photo Space, tap the Settings icon, then tap Connect next to the cloud storage service that you want to connect to. Follow the steps to sign in or create a new account.

To disconnect from a cloud storage account, tap Disconnect next to the name of the connected account in Settings. You are immediately disconnected from the account.

How do I transfer a photo to the cloud?

To transfer a photo to your cloud storage account, open the Photo Space app on your iOS device, tap Select, then tap the photos that you want to transfer. Once you've selected each of the photos that you want to transfer, tap Start. A small progress bar appears at the top so that you know when the transfer is complete.

Alternatively, you can turn on Automatic mode in the Settings section so that new photos are automatically optimized and transferred to your connected cloud storage account each time you open the app.

If you connect to two accounts at the same time, Photo Space uploads to the account that you connected to first. If that account has insufficient storage space or the transfer fails for some other reason, Photo Space uploads to the secondary cloud storage account.

Photos displaying a cloud icon in front of them have already been transferred to your cloud storage account.

How can I access my photos after I transfer them to the cloud?

When you connect to a cloud storage account for the first time, Photo Space creates its own folder within your account and any photo that you transfer is dropped into it. To locate a transferred photo, sign into your account and access the Photo Space folder. In Dropbox, the Photo Space folder is nested in the Apps folder.

How does the Photo Space camera work?

The Photo Space camera is very similar to a standard device camera. Tap the camera icon at the bottom-right side of the Gallery page to open the camera. Aim the camera at your subject and tap the camera icon to capture the photo. You can also change the camera flash settings to on, off, or automatic mode by tapping the flash icon, and use the front-facing camera by tapping the rotate icon. After you take a photo, tap the cloud icon to optimize and transfer the original version to your connected cloud storage account.

Why does the amount of free space on my device remain the same after I optimize my photos?

When you optimize photos using Photo Space on iOS, the photos are not deleted from your device straight away. Instead they are moved into your Recently Deleted folder. To fully remove them from your device and immediately increase your available space, delete these photos from the Recently Deleted folder. Otherwise, photos in this folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.

You can access this folder in the Photos app on your device. Tap Albums, then tap Recently Deleted from the list of albums that appears.

Why did Photo Space fail to transfer a photo to the cloud?

The main reasons a photo may not be transferred are:

  • Poor quality or unavailability of an internet connection.
  • Unavailability of the cloud storage service.
  • Insufficient space availability in your cloud storage account.

If you encounter a transfer fail, retry the transfer at a later time or with a different service. If the app is connected to two accounts, Photo Space automatically uploads to your secondary account if a transfer fail occurs.

How can I provide feedback about Photo Space?

We are very open to feedback from all of our customers. You can provide your comments or support for Avast mobile products in the following ways:

  • Write a review in the App Store.
  • Tell your friends about our software via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Post reviews in iOS related forums.
  • Contact our Support team from the app by tapping Contact Support in the Settings section.
  • Avast Photo Space
  • iOS 8 and higher

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