Avast Anti-Theft for Android: Getting Started

How to use Avast Anti-Theft

Avast Anti-Theft is designed to protect your private mobile data and help you recover your phone in the case of loss or theft. To use the app, refer to the instructions in the following sections:

Activate Anti-Theft

Following installation, Anti-Theft prompts you to configure the app. The app requires a free activation that allows you to fully access all app features and helps you track and manage your device in case of loss or theft. For more information about Anti-Theft activation, refer to the following article:

Access Anti-Theft feature settings

Tap the Anti-Theft icon on the main screen of your device to open the app.

All Anti-Theft features are available in the Settings section. Tap the menu icon in the right-top corner to access Settings.

All Anti-Theft features are visible in the Settings section. For more information about them, read the following article:

Hide Anti-Theft from potential intruders

Stealth mode hides Anti-Theft from the Android App Launcher. Thanks to this feature, the app cannot be found or launched in the same way as other apps which is useful if your device is lost or stolen. Because the app cannot be detected by a potential thief, it is more likely that the device will remain available for you to trace and control remotely.

Stealth mode is disabled by default. To enable it, go to Settings → Stealth mode.

There are two ways to open the app while Stealth mode is enabled:

  • Dial your Avast PIN and "call" it as you would a phone number (available for devices with SIM cards only).
  • Open another Avast app installed on your device, go to the More by Avast section, then tap the Anti-Theft icon (currently available in Avast Mobile Security, Battery Saver, Cleanup, and Wi-Fi Finder).

Configure security features

Anti-Theft offers two main security features in the app Settings.

  • PIN security: allows you to use additional protection by marking your device as lost if your Avast PIN is entered incorrectly three times. PIN Security is disabled by default, go to Settings → PIN security to enable it.
  • SIM security: locks your device automatically when it detects a SIM card change. This is especially useful if a potential thief attempts to insert another SIM card into your device. SIM Security is disabled by default, go to Settings → SIM security to enable it.

Specify device behaviors in case of loss or theft

By default, the following security settings are turned on in the app Settings and are activated when you mark your device as lost via SMS command or in your Avast Account:

  • Lock device: makes your device inaccessible to intruders.
  • Sound siren: activates the siren on your device to alert you or others to it's location.
  • Restrict device settings change: hinders access to the device settings without a valid PIN.

To disable any of these settings, go to Settings → In case of theft.

  • Avast Anti-Theft
  • Android 4.0.3 and higher

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