Avast Mobile Security: Anti-Theft - Getting Started

How to use Anti-Theft

The Anti-Theft feature available in Avast Mobile Security is designed to protect your private mobile data and help you recover your device in the case of loss or theft. You can also upgrade Avast Mobile Security to the Pro version to use advanced Anti-Theft options that allows you to capture photo of the thief when incorrect PIN is entered, lock your device when SIM card is changed and secretly record the phone's surroundings at any time.

To configure and use this feature, refer to the instructions in the following sections:

Activate Anti-Theft

Anti-Theft (Free and Pro) requires an activation that allows you to track and manage your device in case of loss or theft. For more information about Anti-Theft activation, refer to the following article:

Access Anti-Theft settings

  1. Tap the Avast Mobile Security icon on your device.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Select Anti-Theft.
  4. Type your PIN code set for Anti-Theft. If you forgot your PIN, you can reset it.
  5. The Anti-Theft settings screen appears. Scroll down to check all available options.

For more information about the Anti-Theft settings, read the following article:

Configure advanced security settings (Pro only)

Anti-Theft offers two main security settings in Avast Mobile Security Pro:

  • PIN security: allows you to use additional protection by marking your device as lost if your Avast PIN is entered incorrectly eight times. PIN Security is enabled by default, go to Anti-Theft → PIN security to manage it.
  • SIM security: locks your device automatically when it detects a SIM card change. This is especially useful if a potential thief attempts to insert another SIM card into your device. SIM Security is disabled by default, go to Anti-Theft → SIM security to enable it.
  • Theftie: allows you to capture a photo of the thief when incorrect PIN is entered. Theftie is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. Go to Anti-Theft → Try Theftie to check how this option works.

Specify device behavior in case of loss or theft

By default, the following settings are enabled and activated when you mark your device as lost via SMS command or in your Avast Account:

  • Lock device: makes your device inaccessible to intruders.
  • Sound siren: activates the siren on your device to alert you or others to it's location.

To disable any of these settings, go to the Anti-Theft section in the Avast Mobile Security menu, and scroll down to the In case of theft section.

For information how to control a lost or stolen mobile device with Anti-Theft, read the following article:

  • Avast Mobile Security 6.x
  • Android 4.1 (API 16 and higher)

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