Avast Account: Opening Broken Links in Activation Emails

How to Open Broken Links in Activation Emails


The Avast Account activation link is broken.


When you register or create a new Avast account, Avast sends you an activation email containing a link to verify your account. Depending on your email provider, this link can sometimes be broken in the activation email that you receive causing the activation not to work.

A broken link occurs when the formatting mechanism of your email provider causes the original link to split onto separate lines and no longer read as one hyperlink when clicked.


Copy and paste the link from the email directly into a web browser navigation bar.

  1. Copy and paste the entire link from your activation email into a browser navigation bar.
    Ensure that the final link pasted into your browser navigation bar begins with https or http, has no extra spaces or characters, and is not missing any characters. If copying and pasting the entire link does not work, copy and paste each line separately.
  2. Press Enter to verify your account.
  3. When verified, you are directed to my.avast.com where the completion of your registration is confirmed.

    You can now use the Login button to log in to your new Avast account.

  • Avast Account
  • All supported operating systems

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