Avast EasyPass: FAQs - Miscellaneous

In Avast 2016, the Avast EasyPass feature has been replaced with Avast Passwords. For more information about this new passwords management tool, refer to the following articles:

To migrate your EasyPass data across to Avast Passwords, refer to the following article:

Avast EasyPass: Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous
How do different Avast EasyPass components affect the performance of my computer?

When AutoFill is On, Avast EasyPass will analyze every web page that you download to see whether forms on this page can be filled from your Passcards and/or Identities. It takes processor cycles. So we recommend to keep AutoFill off and to use form filling from Avast EasyPass Toolbar instead.

AutoSave analyzes your form to see whether it is worth saving to Passcard when you click a 'Submit' button. The slowdown caused by it is minimal, so we recommend to keep AutoSave always On.


How do I report a problem or a suspected bug?

If Avast EasyPass behaves in an unexpected way or if it does not fill forms or if an "Assertion Failed" window pops up, please report this situation to Avast support.

Please understand, however, that we cannot see your computer and that we cannot fix your problem unless we can reproduce it. It means that you should send us a sufficiently detailed description of the problem to allow us to reproduce it. Please include the following information in your problem report e-mail:

  • Versions of Avast EasyPass, Internet Explorer, and Windows. You can get this information from 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Help' > 'About' dialog. If you encountered the "Failed Assertion" dialog then version information is placed on the system clipboard and you just need to click CTRL + V in your e-mail client to paste it.
  • Sequence of actions that caused the problem. Please send us the sequence of your actions that caused the problem. Be specific in describing your actions. Remember, we cannot see your computer. Start with "All my Internet Explorer windows are closed. I open a new IE window and ...".
  • Web Site addresses - be specific. If you navigate your browser to a web site, send us the URL (web address) of this web site. We do not know what web site you visited, so you need to tell us. If this URL is dynamic then send us the sequence of buttons/links we need to click to get to the web page in question.
  • Buttons that you click - be specific. When you cause Avast EasyPass to do something (say, fill forms), please specify exactly what menu item you selected or what button you clicked. Sometimes the effects of the command may depend on how it was invoked, so it is important for us to know precisely what you did.

Why does the AutoUpdate dialog appear so often?

You can turn off AutoUpdate notifications in 'Options' > 'Version'.


How can I see my passwords in the Login Editor in plain text?

Click the Green Star to the right of the password field. It displays the passwords in plain text.


Logins (Passcards) and Bookmarks are now separated. How can I unite them?

Yes, they are. To put them back together so that both Logins and Bookmarks are shown in your Logins menu, go to Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' and check 'Show Bookmarks and Logins together'.


Why is Avast EasyPass blocked?

To resolve the issue please click on 'Avast EasyPass' button in the top-left corner of the screen in the Avast EasyPass Editor, from the menu select 'Sync' and then 'Turn on Sync'. Now, if:

  • If you do not have an Avast EasyPass account:
    1. Choose 'Setup a new Avast EasyPass account'.
    2. Enter all the necessary information to displayed form together with your License Key which you have received. Please be aware that Avast Easy Pass User ID must be at least 6 characters long. Also ensure that Avast Easy Pass Password is strong enough, and that you are entering a valid e-mail address. When all form fields are filled, click 'Next'.
    3. On the next screen enter the Master Password and ensure that it is strong enough. This is the only password you should memorize and it cannot be recovered if forgotten. Then click 'Next'.
    4. The account registration is complete and you can start using Avast EasyPass.
  • Your Avast EasyPass account is already created:
    1. Select 'Sync with my existing Avast EasyPass account'.
    2. Log in with your existing Avast EasyPass registration credentials.
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