Avast EasyPass: FAQs - Passcards and Identities

In Avast 2016, the Avast EasyPass feature has been replaced with Avast Passwords. For more information about this new passwords management tool, refer to the following articles:

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Avast EasyPass: Frequently Asked Questions - Passcards and Identities
Filling Forms from Identities or Passcards does not work as expected. Why?

There are several reasons why form filling may not work as expected. This simple steps will help you to determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

  1. First check this troubleshooting steps. Then check the form filling specific items below.
  2. You are trying to fill (save) a Flash form, Java form or other non-HTML form. Avast EasyPass only fills HTML forms and Basic Authentication forms, not Flash or Java forms. You can check which the form is by right-clicking it. Flash objects have a specific Flash context menu.
  3. If you are filling form from Passcard and some fields are not filled, this may be caused by changes in this web page. Resave the Passcard for this form and then it will fill OK. The best way to resave login Passcard is to ALT + Click (ALT + SHIFT + Click on Firefox) the login button on web page or press SHIFT + ENTER in the password field.
  4. Make sure that you fill non-empty fields too, because some selection fields are always considered non-empty. Turn off the 'Fill Empty Fields Only' option in form filling mini-dialog and/or in Fill Forms dialog.
  5. If the filling would not change any field values on the form then Avast EasyPass does not fill forms and issues a warning.
  6. If encoding of web page is not set correctly then Avast EasyPass cannot read the page. If the letters on the page are not intelligible to you because of wrong encoding then Avast EasyPass cannot read them either.
  7. Your data in Identity may have become incorrect. Open Identity in Identity Editor and verify that data is correct.

How do I memorize multi-step login sequences such as in Bank of America?

Using several passcard - one passcard for each step the login sequence.


How do I make Avast EasyPass to Login in new tab window in multitab web browser such as Internet Explorer 7, 8 or Firefox?

Multitab web browsers do not have a mechanism to tell them to start navigation in the new tab.

  1. So you should use 'New Window' option in 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' > 'Login Browser', or SHIFT + Click the passcard in Logins menu to cause Login in New Window.
  2. Also you should tell your web browser to open links from other programs in New Tab, not New Window.

    In Internet Explorer 7 this is controlled by option 'Tools' > 'Internet Options' > 'Tabs Settings' > 'Open Linksfrom Other Programs In' > 'A new Tab in the Current Window'.

    In Firefox this is option 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'Tabs' > 'New Pages Should be Opened in' > 'A New Tab'.
  3. Finally you should tell Avast EasyPass that you are not using agressive popup blocker by unchecking option 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' > 'Login Browser' > 'Popup Blocker is Active'. Built-in popup blockers of Interent Explorer 7 and Firefox are not "agressive", so they do not need this option. We do not recommend using any non-native popup blockers because they kill Avast EasyPass Logins in New Window thinking that these are popups.

I filled in some fields manually and Avast EasyPass fills them in again. How can I avoid this?

There are two ways:

  • Fill Empty Fields Only:
    In form filling mini-dialog or AutoFill dialog check option 'Fill Empty Fields Only' and Avast EasyPass will fill only fields that are now empty (not filled) and it will not fields that are already filled. Note that some selection fields always have values in them, so Avast EasyPass will not fill such fields if this option is On.
  • Selective Form Filling:
    You can ask Avast EasyPass to fill only a part of the form by pulling selection (highlighting) the fields that you want to fill before clicking Fill Forms. Pulling selection over just a few fields may appear to be difficult, but it can be done after some exercise: Start with the field caption (cover the caption too) and stop before the caption of the next field.

A form has names and e-mails of other people but Avast EasyPass fills my name and e-mail. What to do?

Let us use an example form:

  1. Create separate Identities for You and Your Friend(s).
  2. Pull selection (highlight) over 'Your Name' and 'Your E-Mail' fields on the example form.
  3. Click 'Identities' button on Avast EasyPass toolbar and select your Identity. First two fields will be filled from your Identity.
  4. Pull selection (highlight) over '1st Recipient Name' and '1st Recipient E-Mail' fields.
  5. Select your friend`s 'Identity' from 'Identities' and the selected fields will be filled.
  6. Continue for other friends.

Pulling selection over just a few fields (not all of them) can be done, but it requires some training. Start with the field caption (cover the caption too) and stop before the caption of the next field.


How do I fill Shipping and Billing Address using Avast EasyPass?

Do the following:

  1. In Identity Editor go to Address tab and create two Addresses: Billing and Shipping. Save Identity.
  2. Pull selection (highlight) over Shipping Address part of the online form.
  3. Mouse over your 'Identity' button in Avast EasyPass toolbar, select Shipping Address in the list of offered Addresses. Click 'Fill Forms'.
  4. Pull selection (highlight) over Billing Address part of the online form.
  5. Mouse over your 'Identity' button in Avast EasyPass toolbar, select Billing Address in the list of offered Addresses. Click 'Fill Forms'.

How can I enter several credit cards into one Identity?

Do the following:

  1. In Identity Editor go to Credit Card tab.
  2. Click 'New Credit Card'.
  3. Fill out new credit card data.
  4. Save Identity.
  5. Go to web page, mouse over this 'Identity' button in Avast EasyPass toolbar and it will show you choice of credit cards that you entered.

I see only the US in the list of countries in Identity. How do I change it to another country?

Form filling and field formatting rules are different for different countries, so Avast EasyPass Identities have different format and structure for different countries.

You should specify the Country of your Identity when you create this Identity, in the New Identity dialog. The list of countries that appears in Address tab of Identity contains only the Country for which Identity was created. So if you created a USA Identity, it will contain only USA in the list of countries.

If you want to change Country in the existing Identity, open Identity Editor and select 'Edit' > 'Country' > 'Your Country'. If your Country is not listed, select 'Other'. The 'Other Country' is good for countries for which Avast EasyPass does not know field formatting and form filling rules, it gives you the most generic Identity in which phone numbers are not formatted and which does not have any other country-specific field formatting.

When you change Country of existing Identity, some fields may lose their values because set of Identity fields is different for different world regions and formatting of these fields is different. Therefore you need to manually check the changed Identity and correct fields that were lost.


My phone number is not filled correctly anymore. What should I do?

If you upgraded to a new version and your phone number does not fill correctly, please check your Identity and make sure that your phone number appears correctly. We change format of phone numbers from time to time, especially in foreign countries and conversion from older versions is not always automatic.


Avast EasyPass made a mistake when filling a form. How come?

The Avast EasyPass intellect is good but it has not yet matched the power of human intellect. So Avast EasyPass can make mistakes when filling forms. First, download the latest Avast EasyPass version and see if the problem persists. If it does, please send the address (URL) of the form you tried to fill out and a description of what exactly was not filled to Avast support.


Identity Editor shows only 5 custom fields. How do I get more?

As you fill custom fields, Avast EasyPass will add more fields. New empty fields are added to always maintain 5 new fields. Addition of new empty fields happens when you click 'Apply (Diskette)' button in Editor or when you close and reopen Identity.


Login command does not login into the site automatically. What should I do?

Try resaving Passcard, as position or identification of controls may have changed and Avast EasyPass cannot find the right button. The best way to do it is to fill forms from Passcard and then click 'Login' button while holding ALT ( ALT + SHIFT + Click in Firefox). This will force AutoSave.


I forgot my Master Password. Can I recover it?

You cannot. The whole point of Passcard and Identity security is that only the person who knows the Master Password can use Passcards and Identities protected by this password. If you forgot your Master Password (or if you do not remember creating one but Avast EasyPass requests it from time to time) then the only course of action is to remove all Passcards and Identities protected by Master Password and then remove Master Password itself. In 'Options' > 'Security' click 'Set Master Password, Mass Protect/Unprotect' button, click 'I forgot it!' button and follow the instructions.


If somebody steals my Avast EasyPass Passcard files, can they get into my accounts?

If you password-protect all sensitive Passcards and Identities and then it will be very difficult. Specifically, all password-protected Passcards and Identities are stored in files that are encrypted by your Master Password using AES, BlowFish or 3DES. So a person who stole your computer or password files, will have to break these encryption algorithms in order to get your passwords from Passcards.

As long as you observe these rules, it should be very hard to use the stolen info:

  • Password-protect all sensitive Passcards and Identities. Anyone can see and use Passcard or Identity that is not password-protected.
  • Make your Master Password long enough and un-obvious enough, so that it cannot be defeated by a simple dictionary attack. Do not use any words or names from any widely used languages, make your Master Password at least 10 characters long.
  • Use AES, BlowFish, or RC6 for encryption, they are harder to break than other algorithms.

I entered Master Password and now Avast EasyPass opens all password-protected Passcards not asking for Master Password?

After you enter Master Password it is cached in memory, so that you do not have to enter it all the time. You can tell Avast EasyPass to "forget" the cached password by clicking the Logoff button (see below). Or you can tell Avast EasyPass to Auto-Forget Master Password after a period of inactivity in Options > Security.


Why Robot icon wears sunglasses from time to time?

When you entered Master Password and Avast EasyPass has it cached in memory, Avast EasyPass TaskBar Icon and Avast EasyPass Toolbar Icon will turn into a stylized Robot with sunglasses. Robot with Sunglasses shows that you are logged in to Avast EasyPass and you do not need to enter Master Password anymore. Robot without Sunglasses means that you are logged out from Avast EasyPass and when you need to open protected Passcard or Identity, Master Password will be requested.


How can I make sure that nobody can use my Passcards when I need to step out?

Make Avast EasyPass forget the cached Master Password by clicking Logoff on the toolbar. You may also use Auto-Logoff option that makes Avast EasyPass purge the cached Master Password after a period of inactivity.

When the 'Logoff' button is enabled, it means that Avast EasyPass has your Master Password cached in memory. When this button is disabled then Avast EasyPass has no passwords cached.


How are my Identities and Passcards encrypted?

Your Identities and Passcards are encrypted using AES, BlowFish, RC6 or 3DES algorithm and the encryption / decryption key is generated from the Master Password. This encryption method makes your data very secure and even if hackers come into possession of your Identity and Passcard files, they will have to crack one of these encryption algorithm without knowing the key which is considered impossible. By default AES encryption is used.


What is the relationship between the Default Password from Identity and Passwords stored in Passcards?

There is no relationship. They all play different roles:

  • The Default UserID and Password in Identity is used when a site asks you to create a UserID / Password pair and you do not want to type in the new password. Then you can fill forms from Identity and your default UserID and Password from Identity will be filled in. We recommend using your Default UserID and Password only for sites that are not really sensitive. Do not use it for your bank accounts.
  • When you need to memorize or fill site-specific User ID and Password then use Passcards.

How do I tell Avast EasyPass not to password-protect all my new Passcards?

Open the Options dialog, go to Security tab and un-check 'Password-Protect New Passcards'. Then Avast EasyPass will not offer to password-protect newly saved Passcards.


I need no password protection for my Identities and Passcards. How do I get rid of Master Password?

You need to get rid of Master Password completely:

  • Tell Avast EasyPass not to password-protect new Passcards and Identities.
  • If you have already created a number of password-protected Passcards and/or Identities, you can remove password protection from them by going to 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' > 'Security', clicking 'Set Master Password, Mass Protect/Unprotect', checking the 'Remove Master Password' option and clicking OK.
  • If you forgot your Master Password then click 'I forgot it!' button in the Set/Remove Master Password dialog.

How do I copy Avast EasyPass with all its data from one computer to another computer?

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Download Avast EasyPass from www.avast.com and install it on the new computer.
  2. Copy Avast EasyPass data files from the old computer to the new computer using Backup and Restore feature or any file copy program such as Windows Explorer.
  3. Activate Avast EasyPass on the new computer if you want to stop using the old computer.
  4. Buy an additional license for the new computer if you will be using both old and new computer.

How do I get back to the default Avast EasyPass settings?

Yes, you may have changed some setting(s), forgotten what they were and now Avast EasyPass does not work well. The best way to fix this is to reset all setting to their default values. Open the Options dialog and click 'Set Defaults'.


Avast EasyPass cannot save Passcards or Identities saying that "Access is Denied". What to do?

Avast EasyPass works fine with Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7. However given that these operating systems do not allow Internet Explorer browser to write any user files and Avast EasyPass is a component of the web browser, we have to set permissions for Passcard files to the special level that makes them writeable to Internet Explorer and therefore Avast EasyPass.

Setting of Passcard permissions occur when:

  • You install Avast EasyPass onto the Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 computer.
  • You click button 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' > 'User Data' > 'Set Correct File Permissions'.

Avast EasyPass itself maintains correct permission when writing user data files (passcards, etc) but if you modify any Avast EasyPass data files using external means such as restoring passcards from backup, or copying them to Avast EasyPass user data folder using Windows Explorer, this would make them read-only to the browser again. So whenever you bring in passcard files from outside to Avast EasyPass on Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7, you should run 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Options' > 'User Data' > 'Set Correct File Permissions'.

If you transferred Passcard and Identity files to CD-R or CD-RW or ZIP disk or any other medium used for backup then it is likely that Microsoft made these files Read-Only. So when you transfer backed up files back to your hard disk then Avast EasyPass cannot write to it. Open Windows Explorer, examine Properties of every *.RFT and *.RFP file and uncheck Read-Only flag.


How can I remove all my Passcards and Identities?

Check box 'Remove all Passcards, Identities, Safenotes' when uninstalling Avast EasyPass.


I used Roboform until now. How to get my data from Roboform to Avast EasyPass?

RoboForm user data are fully compatible with Avast EasyPass, as it is the same format. In order to get your data into Avast EasyPass, select the current file where you want to store your user data, or you can move it to your current user data folder, i.e.:

  1. You can restore your user data using the Avast EasyPass:
    • Click Avast EasyPass system tray icon -> select 'Options' -> then 'User Data' click the 'Restore' button.
    • Select a folder from which you want to restore (copy) your Passcards and Identities.
    • Avast EasyPass will erase all files in current user data folder and then will copy your data files from restore folder to user data folder.
  2. Or you can use Windows Explorer to copy all files from your backup device to user data folder.

There is no limits on the data you can save and/or restore, it is unlimited.


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