Avast EasyPass: FAQs - Licensing

In Avast 2016, the Avast EasyPass feature has been replaced with Avast Passwords. For more information about this new passwords management tool, refer to the following articles:

To migrate your EasyPass data across to Avast Passwords, refer to the following article:

Avast EasyPass: Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing
How does licensing work for Avast EasyPass?
  1. Avast EasyPass license activates it on up to 9 computers belonging to one person. You can activate Avast EasyPass on all your computers (up to 9) even if you do not sync Avast EasyPass data. Synchronization is now a voluntary option that can be Turned On and Off at will, and activation of Avast EasyPass on a computer is not attached to synchronization.
  2. Avast EasyPass license activates it on up to 3 portable drives, if they contain the same data. You can activate it on all your USB keys (up to 3) even if you do not sync Avast EasyPass data on this key. However, Avast EasyPass data on all USB keys must be substantially the same.
  3. There is no charge for Avast EasyPass (Online) account itself, you pay only for using Avast EasyPass.

How can I create new Avast EasyPass account?
  1. During the Avast EasyPass installation process you will be asked if you want to 'Sync with your existing Avast Easy Pass account' or 'Setup a new Avast EasyPass account'.
  2. Choose 'Setup a new Avast EasyPass account'.
  3. Enter all the necessary information to displayed form together with your License Key which you have received. Please be aware that Avast Easy Pass User ID must be at least 6 characters long. Also ensure that Avast Easy Pass Password is strong enough, and that you are entering a valid e-mail address. When all form fields are filled, click 'Next'.
  4. On the next screen enter the Master Password and ensure that it is strong enough. This is the only password you should memorize and it cannot be recovered if forgotten. Then click 'Next'.
  5. Then the Avast EasyPass account registration will take a place.

I lost my Avast EasyPass status because of Windows reinstall. How do I get it back?

Click 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Help' > 'Activate Avast EasyPass'. Upon finding you in the database the system will perform activation of Avast EasyPass on your computer.


Avast EasyPass tells me that my activations were exceeded. What should I do?

If you activated Avast EasyPass on more computers than is allowed by your license(s), you should buy additional licenses for additional computers at www.avast.com. If you are activating Avast EasyPass on the same computer as before, then ask Avast Support to add more activations and your request will be granted if your activation history supports that claim.


How can I determine whether Avast EasyPass is activated?

Click Avast EasyPass Taskbar icon and select 'Help' > 'About' or select 'Avast EasyPass' > 'Help' > 'About' in Avast EasyPass toolbar. The dialog that appears shows you the status.


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Operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate
Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional / Media Center Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

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