Avast Backup: FAQs - Transition to Mozy

Avast Backup: Frequently Asked Questions - Transition to Mozy

This is a short list of questions regarding the transition from Avast Backup. For more information about this process please phone Mozy’s designated reseller iTOK at 855-841-1550. A knowledgeable representative will be happy to guide you through the process.

I received an email about my Avast BackUp. What is happening?

As part of Avast strategy to focus on their security portfolio, Avast has decided to transition their Avast BackUp offering to Mozy. Mozy is the direct provider of the Avast BackUp utility and has been powering the service since it’s inception. We have ensure the continuity of your current service and you will be given the opportunity to renew your current subscription directly on your subscription renewal date.

Is my data still being backed up?

Yes, your Avast BackUp subscription is still valid and your data continues to be protected.

My back-up software client seems to have changed – I now see Mozy branding rather than Avast. I haven’t subscribed to the Mozy service is this correct?

Yes, all that has happened is that we have re-branded the back-up client and access services and upgraded the software to the latest version. This is an element of the phased transition. Your account continues to operate in exactly the same way and with exactly the same credentials. With the new version of the software we will also be able to keep you updated with service messages directly in the client.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your renewal date arrives you can choose to continue receiving the same simple, secure and automatic backup through Mozy. Simply telephone 855-841-1550 or click here to renew your subscription through Mozy’s prefered reseller partner, iTOK. The great news is that when you renew, your quota allowance will become unlimited for just $60 USD per year.

Who is Mozy?

Mozy is the world leader in simple, secure and automated cloud based data back up and has been powering the Avast service since it’s inception.

Who is iTOK?

iTOK is a premier technology support service that provides premium technical support to consumers and small business. iTOK has been a trusted Mozy reseller for many years. They actually provide a number of familiarization services directly for Mozy and assist thousands of our backup customers with a personal service.

Why is Mozy’s logo showing up on my backup client?

Starting in mid-January you will see the Mozy logo appear in your client. This is part of the transition from Avast to Mozy. It in no way changes the service or your backups.

Will my plan change when I renew?

Yes and in a very positive way. Rather than have a set limit of data you can back up, your new subscription will be unlimited. You will be able to back up your important documents, pictures and music without worrying about how many files you have or their size. This is a special incentive and only available to transitioning Avast customers renewing their subscriptions with Mozy through iTOK.

Are the product features the same?

Yes. Should you choose to renew your backup service with Mozy you will continue to receive the same features as you have now. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the Mozy mobile apps and access all of your data, from any iOS or Android device, wherever you are. You will also have access to the latest client software versions and be able to take advantage of the performance and functionality enhancements we have released.

What is the cost of renewing?

Mozy and iTOK are pleased to offer a special package to users transitioning from Avast - an annual subscription of unlimited data backup for $60 USD per year. Product pricing will be charged in US$ only

Will I need to reinstall the service and start my backup from new?

No, this transition will not require you to install new software or restart your backup. In fact, all you will need to do to complete the transition is contact an iTOK representative to transfer your billing information for your renewal.

What will I do for technical support?

Your technical support remains as now, through the Avast community until the end of your Avast Subscription. If you choose to continue the service through Mozy and iTOK you will have 24 hour access to friendly iTOK representatives. If you need assistance with your backup, they offer phone and email technical support. You can call this number 24x7, please note that telephone support is in English only.



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