Avast Mac Security 2015: Installing Free Mac Security

Installing Avast Free Mac Security

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), Apple Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion), Apple Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion), Apple Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks) and Apple Mac OS X 10.10.x (Yosemite).
  • Intel based Mac computer with 64-bit processor.
  • 512 MB RAM or above (1 GB RAM or higher preferred).
  • 256 MB minimum hard disk free space.
  • Internet connection (to download and register the product, for automatic updates of the program and antivirus database).
  • Optimally standard screen resolution not less than 1024 x 768 pixels.
Before you begin the installation please ensure that you are logged in with administrator permissions, all other programs are closed, and any previous antivirus software is uninstalled.
  1. Download the Setup file for Avast Free Mac Security from the link below:
  2. Run the downloaded Setup file avast_free_mac_security.dmg, and select the Avast setup icon on the left.
  3. On the displayed setup screen click Continue.
  4. Confirm the Avast End User License Agreement, review installation details, and click Install. Confirm installation by entering your administrator credentials.
  5. When installation is completed a confirmation appears. You may then close Setup.

Install Avast Free Mac Security as follows:

  1. Download the Setup file for Avast Free Mac Security from the Avast downloads page, or the button below: ...and save it in a familiar location.
  2. Locate the Setup file avast_free_mac_security.dmg where you saved it in step 1., and double-click to run the file.
  3. Select the icon on the right to begin installation. ...and if asked whether you want to continue, click Open.
  4. Confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the Avast End User License Agreement.
  5. Review the installation details. If you would like to make changes click Change install location or Customize, ...and then click Install.
  6. Enter your administrator Name with Password and click OK to confirm installation.
  7. When installation is successfully completed, a confirmation appears. Close this screen, and the initial setup screen in the background, to exit Setup.
Avast Browser Extensions cannot be installed when browsers are running. If a browser is running during Avast Setup, you will be notified that you must quit the browser(s) to complete installation.

Avast Free Mac Security is then installed and ready to use.

Access the Avast user interface via the Avast Menu bar icon in the top-right of the screen, or the orange shortcut icon within the Applications.

Your installation will be registered automatically. If you would like to connect the program to your Avast Account, simply sign into your Avast Account via the Account tab of Avast Free Mac Security.
  • Avast Free Mac Security 2015
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10.x (Yosemite, Intel-based)
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks, Intel-based)
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion, Intel-based)
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion, Intel-based)
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard, Intel-based)

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