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Careers at Avast


Be part of something bigger

Avast prides itself on championing the causes and communities our employees care about. We work every day to make the world a little better, safer, and more connected. Volunteering - encouraged. Charity events - supported. Community outreach - definitely. Together, we know we can help make all of our communities more successful.

Be part of something bigger

Shape the future

We are proud to be shaping the future of cybersecurity and digital life. Through our presence at major conferences like RSA, Web Summit, DEF CON and Mobile World Congress, our experts provide thought leadership on everything from data and privacy regulations to the challenges presented by IOT and emerging smart technologies. We organize hackathons, tech meetups, and support cutting edge research in threat detection technology - moving the field forward every day.

Give back

Avast donates a percentage of its profits to the Avast Foundation, which received the Czech Republic’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Expert Jury Prize for its palliative care program and contribution to Czech society. Avast employees can also nominate local or global causes that are close to their hearts to receive Foundation funds. In 2017, the employee fund supported 86 organizations with projects in 16 countries - all nominated by Avastians!

Give back
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