Avast Mobile Security: FAQ - General

Avast Mobile Security FAQ - General

Avast Mobile Security is a free antivirus for Android, which secures devices against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans and against loss or theft.

System Requirements

Download and Installation

Features and Settings

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What are the system requirements for Avast Mobile Security?

You can install and run Avast Mobile Security on any device capable of running operating systems Android 2.3, 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x or 5.x.

Please note that new and upcoming versions of Avast Mobile Security is not supported on devices running Android 2.1 and Android 2.2.x. However if you are using an older version of Avast Mobile Security on those systems you can still receive updates to the virus database.

If you are using a custom ROM the app may not work as expected. Please report any feedback via our support pages.

Avast Mobile Security is not supported (is not compatible, cannot be installed, and does not run) on Symbian, iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone/Mobile, Bada, WebOS, or any other operating system which is not specified as supported. Avast is making a longterm plan to include the iOS platform, but there is currently no specific timeline.

Is Avast Mobile Security supported on Apple iPhone / iPad?

No, Avast Mobile Security is currently not supported on Apple devices. Only phones capable of running operating systems Android 2.3, 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x or 5.x are supported for Avast Mobile Security. iOS operating system used on Apple iPhone or Apple iPad is not supported. Avast is making a longterm plan to include the iOS platform, but there is currently no specific timeline.

Is Avast Mobile Security supported on Nokia phones?

No, Avast Mobile Security is not supported on Nokia devices. Only phones capable of running operating systems 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x or 5.x are supported for Avast Mobile Security. Operating systems such as Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone, Maemo/MeeGo and others used on Nokia phones are not supported.

Is Avast Mobile Security supported on Android tablets?

Yes, Avast Mobile Security is supported on Android tablets with minor differences to functionality. For example, the Anti-Theft component currently uses SMS commands to communicate with the device if it is stolen or lost. If your tablet doesn't have 3G support (doesn't have a SIM card), then you won't be able to remotely control the device using SMS commands.

Instead, you can use binary messages to control devices without a SIM card, when Avast Mobile Security is installed on both devices.

Or, you can remotely control your device via the Avast Account. For this operation your device must be paired with your Avast Account. If you do not have one, please register at my.avast.com.

Does Avast plan to support Mobile Security on other mobile platforms besides Android in the future?

We chose to develop the product first for the Android platform, not only because it is very popular and friendly to app developers, but mainly because it is the platform most commonly targeted by attackers. We are making a longterm plan to include the iOS platform, but there is currently no specific timeline.

Is Avast Mobile Security supported on generic devices or devices with MIPS processor?

Many MIPS vendors claim that their devices are compatible with Android code, but it is often not the case. Some of these devices experience serious problems running Avast Mobile Security or it could be completely impossible to install our product on some of them. Avast Mobile Security is primary targeted for ARM architecture.

Is Avast Mobile Security compatible with all Android device vendors and manufacturers?

Yes, Avast Mobile Security is compatible with all ARM Android devices. However, each vendor or manufacturer makes slight changes in their devices, so some features may have unexpected behavior or in some cases do not work. Please note that Avast cannot cannot cover all of these small changes. However we gladly accept feedback if you experience any compatibility issue on your Android device.

Why should I install a security product on my phone?

Most people don't realize how many threats are lurking in the world of mobile devices. To date, we have registered thousands of unique apps that exhibit malicious behavior. Most of them are eventually removed from the market, but Avast Mobile Security can detect them when they hit, before they do any damage.

Some threats are a danger no matter which platform you use. For example phishing threats, i.e. inauthentic websites posing as authentic ones to lure users into entering sensitive details, have preyed on PC users for quite a while. However many people browse the web using their mobile devices without the taking the same safety measures that they would on PCs. When you install Avast Mobile Security, the Web Shield component protects you from these and other threats while browsing the web on your mobile device.

But Avast Mobile Security Setup goes well beyond malware protection. Components like Firewall, App Manager and SMS and Call Filter are some of the additional security features to help you manage what information is going in and out of your device. Anti-Theft goes a step further and allows you to control your device remotely in the event that your device is lost or stolen, giving you the peace of mind that your information is safe even if your device gets into the wrong hands.

How can I download Avast Mobile Security?

Avast Mobile Security is available for download either via Google Play or our website (when you access it from your mobile phone):

How can I install Avast Mobile Security?

The easiest method of Avast Mobile Security Setup installation is via Google Play:

  1. Open Google Play from the Apps screen in your Android device and search for Avast Mobile Security using the keyword AVAST or open your Internet browser and go directly to this page:
  2. Select Install on the Avast Mobile Security screen, and if asked for permissions, select Accept.
  3. Once the download is complete, choose Open to start using the application.
  4. Select Continue to confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the AVAST End User License Agreement. On the next screen tap Continue to set up the protection. On the last screen you can Run scan.
  5. Tap on the Anti-Theft tile and again Anti-Theft (Install) to initialize Avast Anti-Theft setup.
  6. Then select Download from Google Play to continue. Tap Install on the Anti-Theft screen. Review the permissions required and click Accept to continue the installation. When it's done, tap Open.
  7. On the next screen set up your Avast PIN. This step is very important – you'll need your Avast PIN to remotely control your device. Tap on Continue.
  8. Enter your name and tap Continue.
  9. Finally, set up the default behavior. You can configure Avast Anti-Theft to send a message to the Avast Account when it detects a SIM card change, or you can enable support for Android 4.4 and higher to allow Avast Anti-Theft to send invisible binary SMSes. If this option is unchecked, the SMS messages sent to control the device are visible to a potential thief.
  10. It is recommended to connect your device with your Avast Account in the Avast Account section. This enables you to remotely control your device directly from your Avast Account. In the Friends section enter a phone number to use in case you need to recover your Avast PIN.
These steps can differ slightly depending on your device model, operating system version and its vendor customizations. For more information please read the following article:

How can I install Avast Mobile Security on a multi-user device?

Android version 4.2 provides multi-user space on one device, typically tablets. When this environment is set, one of the users has to be an administrator, but each user's data is stored in its own spaces. This means that all users can share the installation of Avast Mobile Security, and each user sets up his or her preferences.

Once Avast Mobile Security is installed on the device once it does not need to be downloaded again for other users, only set up. The same goes for Avast Anti-Theft.

The application can only be uninstalled when signed into the user account which was used to install it. In case the device is locked from the administrator account, other users cannot unlock, track, or send any remote commands to the device.

How can I install Avast Anti-Theft?

You can install the standard version of Avast Anti-Theft on your device via Google Play, or to access advanced options you can install via Avast's secured pages. For more information please visit the following article:

What is Advanced installation of Avast Anti-Theft?

Advanced installation mode can be selected if you want to use Avast Anti-Theft for rooted devices or you prefer not to download from Google Play. Just tap on the advanced installation mode and choose the application name, rooted or non-rooted option, and tap Continue. The Avast server then creates your custom installation package sends it to your device.

This gives you more advanced set up options, however please be aware that it also gives special permissions to the device administrator and third party applications, and access to system partitions. Therefore this method is recommended for advanced users only.

What does the yellow "Issues" notification mean after installing Avast Anti-Theft?

After you successfully install Avast Anti-Theft, the application scans your device for security. In case some issues are found, the Issues notification appears. Tap the yellow button to find out how Avast Anti-Theft can adjust your phone settings for maximum safety. Sometimes the issue can not be solved by the application itself and requires you to take some action, such as enabling or disabling third party applications or removing a conflicting application. If you are not sure what to do, please submit a ticket to our support team.

How can I uninstall Avast Mobile Security?

To fully uninstall Avast Mobile Security including Avast Anti-Theft please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Avast Mobile Security and tap Anti-Theft.
  2. Open Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard.
  3. Enter your Avast PIN and the Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard guides you through the uninstallation process.
  4. Open your device's Settings from the main Apps screen.
  5. Select the Apps option, then Avast Mobile Security.
  6. On the next screen select Uninstall and then OK to confirm uninstallation of Avast Mobile Security.
  7. Once uninstallation is complete, tap OK to get back to the Apps screen.
These steps can differ slightly depending on your device mode, Android version and vendor customizations. For more information please read the following article:

How can I uninstall Avast Anti-Theft?

To uninstall Avast Anti-Theft please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Avast Mobile Security and tap Anti-Theft
  2. Open the Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard
  3. Enter your Avast PIN and the Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard guides you through the uninstallation process.
Avast Mobile Security must be installed to access the Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard. For more information visit the following article:

What if the uninstallation of Avast Anti-Theft doesn't work?

If you are unable to uninstall Avast Anti-Theft it is usually because you set it up as Device administrator in your device settings during the configuration. To disable device admin settings for Avast Anti-Theft follow these steps:

  1. Open Avast Mobile Security from the Apps screen in your Android phone.
  2. Select the option Anti-Theft, then Anti-Theft and Advanced settings, then Lock text, GPS Wipe and afterwards Device admin at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Ensure that the option for the custom application name you chose for Avast Anti-Theft during the installation is disabled (unticked).
  4. Exit the Avast Mobile Security user interface.
To remove a Root installation of Avast Anti-Theft you can either use the Avast Anti-Theft Removal Wizard or you can use a free tool called Titanium Backup which is available on Google Play.

Is it possible to do a clean installation of Avast Mobile Security?

If you are experiencing issues with your current installation of Avast Mobile Security it is recommended to fully remove the application and all its data and then do a clean installation. To do so, go to the Apps in your device, find Avast Mobile Security, tap Clear cache, then Clear data, and finally uninstall.

Why do I need to allow the installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” when installing Avast Anti-Theft?

Avast Anti-Theft is currently the only application available which allows the user to install it with a custom name, to disguise the application in case the device is lost or stolen. To provide this helpful and unique feature, a custom installation package is generated on our servers and sent directly to your device for installation. This means that the application source is not Google Play, but directly from Avast, and therefore installation from “Unknown Sources” is required to install your customized Avast Anti-Theft package.

The option to allow “Unknown Sources” only needs to be enabled during the installation process, and can be disabled immediately after installation.

If you prefer not to allow this change to your settings, you can install the standard version of Avast Anti-Theft from Google Play.

When and why does Avast Anti-Theft send SMS messages?

There are three cases when Avast Anti-Theft sends brief SMS messages:

  • A new SIM card is inserted into the device - the SIM card is not in the trusted SIM list managed by Avast Anti-Theft and was not present in the device when the account was connected. If you connect to the account with the SIM card inserted, no SMS is sent unless the SIM is brand new.
  • The untrusted SIM card is inserted into the device - the inserted SIM card is not on your trusted list or has been deleted (e.g. by uninstalling Avast Anti-Theft).
  • A new SIM card is inserted into the device - e.g. in case the device is lost or stolen.

Messages are also archived in your Avast Account when it has been paired with your device.

Any SMS sent is invoiced to the SIM card in the device at the moment of the sending. You can choose phone numbers to which the SMS is sent in the Friends menu of Anti-Theft.

The SMS is sent from a number in the Czech Republic, so there may be a surcharge from your service provider for an international SMS. This number is the only SMS gateway providing information about your device.

To avoid unneccessary SMS messages you can temporarily disable the SMS option when you change your SIM. However at all other times it is recommended to enable the option so that SIM card changes in your device can be traced. For more information please read the following article:

What is Avast Anti-Theft?

Avast Anti-Theft is an optional extension to Avast Mobile Security designed to protect your private data and to help you recover your phone in case of loss or theft.

Avast Anti-Theft can be configured to automatically perform certain actions, for example to sound an alarm if an untrusted SIM card is detected. You can install Avast Anti-Theft as a hidden application, so that it is not visible to a potential thief in case the device is lost or stolen. Furthermore you can try to recover the device, and lock or erase your private data, by tracking and controlling the device remotely using SMS commands or from your Avast Account.

If your device is rooted, you can install Anti-Theft in advanced mode to access more advanced features. For example, with a rooted installation you can set your device to be hard reset-proof so that no one can do a hard reset of your phone without your authorization.

What is the Virus Scanner in Avast Mobile Security?

Avast Mobile Security provides both an automatic and on-demand virus scanner for Android devices which is capable of scanning all installed applications and memory card contents. It also scans installed applications the first time they are executed when Avast Mobile Security is installed.

Virus definitions are updated automatically. The user can also manually update in Settings → Updates → Check for updates now. The malware scan can be scheduled to run automatically on one or more days each week.

When malware is detected, the system offers to uninstall the application or to delete the file. In case of a false-positive detection, you can report it directly to our virus lab.

What is the Web Shield in Avast Mobile Security?

Thanks to the Avast WebRep cloud, the Avast Web Shield included in Avast Mobile Security scans each URL that loads and warns you if the browser loads a malware-infected URL. Web Shield options can be accessed in Shields → More details → Web Shield.

What is the Firewall in Avast Mobile Security?

The Avast Firewall included in Avast Mobile Security allows the user to manage Internet access for installed applications. The restriction level is configured per application as: enable/disable while on Wi-Fi, enable/disable while on 3G, enable/disable roaming data.

Avast Firewall only works on rooted devices running operating systems Android 2.2.x or higher. In case you are using ROM with a modified Linux core please ensure that iptables are supported, otherwise recompile the kernel with this feature supported. All the applied rules are logged when the user has enabled logging. The log is reset with every rule change.

What are firewall statuses in Avast Mobile Security?

The Avast Firewall included in Avast Mobile Security allows the user to manage Internet access for installed applications. The restriction level is configured per application. Firewall statuses allow the user to select the restricted applications in two different ways.

When set to Deny selected (or Blacklist mode) the user selects applications which are blocked from the Internet, while all others are allowed full access. Access is denied only to selected applications and groups in the list according to your preference of WiFi, 3G or roaming.

When status is set to Allow selected the user selects applications which can access the Internet, while all others are blocked.

Generally speaking setting the firewall to Deny selected mode is a more functional option. However in some cases you may want to block more apps than are allowed, and so Allow selected mode is more convenient. When in doubt, it is suggested to use Deny selected mode to avoid blocking Internet accessed for applications and parts of the operating system which affect the functionality of other services.

The firewall is able to block IP addresses, ports or both. This option can be found in Custom rules. Firewall is not supported for IPv6 on some devices. When you are not sure that your kernel is compatible, it is recommended to leave IPv6 disabled.

How can I set up the firewall to allow connections to Google Play?

To allow access to the Google Play store, set up the firewall to allow Google Framework, DRM Manager, Package Installer, Market Updater, Download Manager, Media Server and Google Play. Not all of these applications are listed for some devices, depending on Android version and ROM, but any which appear in the list must be allowed.

What is the SMS and Call Filter?

The SMS and Call Filter included in Avast Mobile Security allows the user to block SMS text messages and/or voice calls from numbers in the contact list. The filtering is defined based on selected contacts, days in the week, starting time and ending time. When a call is blocked it is redirected to voicemail. When an SMS is blocked it is stored in the SMS and Call Filter log. It is also possible to block outgoing calls. Please note that Avast Mobile Security cannot block incoming messages on devices running Android version 4.4 or higher, or LG phones with Android 2.3.x and higher.

Blocked calls and messages appear in the log which is available from the main screen for this feature.

What is Stealth Mode?

While in Stealth Mode, Avast Anti-Theft is hidden from the Android App Launcher and cannot be found or launched in the same way as other applications. This feature is apt in the case that your device is lost or stolen. If the application cannot be detected by a potential thief, there is a much greater chance that the device will remain available for you to trace or control remotely.

Stealth Mode is enabled automatically whenever you enable Avast Anti-Theft protection.

What is PIN Recovery?

PIN Recovery allows you to reset your Avast PIN and access your device in case you forget your Avast PIN. To use this feature, you must set it up beforehand in Anti-Theft → Avast PIN → Secondary phone number for PIN recovery or on the Avast Account. When the PIN Recovery is set up, you can use the feature to send an SMS containing a new Avast PIN to the number you entered in the settings. As a safety measure, in case you do not use the new PIN within half an hour, the Avast PIN reverts to the original value. You can also set your new Avast PIN through your Avast Account.

What is Site Correct?

Site Correct is a cloud-based feature which checks URLS entered in your browser address tab. Some malicious sites or malware exploit users' common typing errors to foist an inauthentic web page on the user. To prevent this, Site Correct detects common typing errors and offers a correction. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Shields → More details → Web Shield.

What is the Message Shield?

Message Shield scans incoming messages for malicious URLs, USSD codes or phishing threats. This tool can also be used to block messages from unknown contacts (typically spam) by enabling the feature in Message Shield options. Blocked SMS messages are stored in the SMS Blocker log. Message Shield options can be controlled in Shields → More details → Message Shield.

What the is the App Shield?

The App Shield scans applications when they are installed and when they are executed. The user can enable or disable scanning for each application. The total of the scanned applications is visible. App shield options can be managed in Shields → More details → App shield.

What is the File Shield in Avast Mobile Security?

The File Shield scans all items, from internal or external sources, being saved (written) or accessed (read) on your device. By default the shield is enabled to scan files when writing, meaning only files being saved to device are scanned. With this setting, if you download files from another computer which are infected, the File Shield detects them as they are downloaded to your device, before you open them. File Shield options can be managed in Shields → More details → File Shield.

If you are using an older device, and the File Shield is set up to scan files when reading and writing, you may encounter issues with more use of battery or CPU than is usual, especially when file traffic is high. If you experience this issue, you may want to set the File Shield to scan files when writing only.

What is the Activity log?

The Activity log lets you see all activity done by Avast Mobile Security. You can select which items you want to see in the log. View the log by swiping the screen to the left. The log automatically conserves space by cleaning up 100 lines whenever the 500 line maximum is reached. The file is stored on the device SD card.

What is the Network Meter?

The Network Meter allows you to view how much data flows through your device. TheNetwork Meter logs all applications, including system applications which may not be visible in the standard view. The status is renewed every 2 minutes, so if you experience higher than usual battery consumption you may want to disable this feature. You can disable the Network Meter in More tools → Network Meter → Settings.

What is the benefit of connecting Avast Mobile Security / Anti-Theft with my Avast Account?

The Avast Account is a self-service web portal which allows Avast users to manage their licenses and devices. When Avast Anti-Theft is installed on your device, you can manage several settings such as your Avast PIN, track the location of your device, and control your device remotely from the Avast Account. For more information please visit our support pages or create an account at my.avast.com.

Can Avast Mobile Security protect me against all possible threats?

When configured correctly, Avast Mobile Security protects your device from known malware and threats and monitors data going in and out according to your preferences. We do our best to protect your device against all possible threats, but no solution is 100%. Like all products on the Android market, it is subject to limitations imposed by the operating system version which is running on the device. It cannot protect against exploits targeting specific vulnerabilities in the OS kernel, the network stack and similar base-level parts of the system. However we take our role in the security industry seriously, and continuously work with Android vendors to develop future solutions to minimize the risk of attacks.

What is "rooting" on Android?

Rooting is a process allowing Android users to attain privileged control of their devices (known as root access) within the Android system. Rooting the device allows the user to override limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices. This makes it possible to alter or replace system applications and settings, and run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions.

These root privileges are needed for some options within Avast Mobile Security such as the firewall and the hard reset-proof installation of Anti-Theft.

For most of the functionality within Avast Mobile Security or Avast Anti-Theft rooting is NOT required.

Some features of the product are "root-only". Do I have to root my device to use your product?

No, it is absolutely not necessary to root your device to use Avast Mobile Security. While some features of Avast Mobile Security do require root access, most features are available on non-rooted devices. In fact, rooting your phone is generally not as secure and therefore not recommended. However users who choose to root their devices are exposed to higher risks, and that is why we include features to provide additional protection for these users.

The main advantage of a root installation is the Avast Firewall, which allows you to control network access on a per-app basis. This can improve security, block unwanted ads, and even preserve battery life. Unfortunately this feature is not available for non-rooted devices due to some limitations of the Android platform.

Can I convert Avast Anti-Theft to a rooted installation after rooting my device?

If you rooted your device and want to convert your Avast Anti-Theft installation to a rooted installation, you must reinstall the component in Advanced installation mode. To do so please uninstall Avast Anti-Theft fully and then install it again, this time choosing Rooted installation mode.

Why can't I use the Avast Firewall without root access?

Unfortunately the Avast Firewall included in Avast Mobile Security is only available on rooted devices running operating systems Android 2.2.x or higher. This is because its functionality depends on access to several system features which require root privileges.

Why does Avast Mobile Security need so many permissions?

When you install Avast Mobile Security on your device, it requires many permissions that may seem unnecessary at first glance. For example, why would Avast Mobile Security need the permission to directly call phone numbers or receive SMS messages?

To understand the reason for granting these permissions, you have to understand that the permission classifications in Android are not very specific. Permissions control which API groups can be used by the application and each group is assigned a name based on its most common use case. For example the Directly call phone numbers permission is needed to implement the Call filter functionality, not to make any phone calls. Similarly, Anti-Theft requires the permissions to receive SMS messages so that the user can remotely control the device in case of loss or theft. Another example is that full Internet access permission is required to receive updates to malware definitions. The Virus Scanner and Web Shield need the permission to read phone data so the data can be scanned for threats. For more information please read the following article:

We take your privacy very seriously. The permissions requested are the minimum set that is needed to implement the functionality of Avast Mobile Security.

What is the Avast PIN used for in Avast Anti-Theft?

The Avast PIN is used to authorize access to the Avast Anti-Theft user interface. Because Avast Anti-Theft is invisible in Stealth Mode, it cannot be accessed the same way as other applications. Instead, open the user interface by calling the Avast PIN as if it were a phone number. The entry is immediately removed from the call log so that the dialed Avast PIN cannot be discovered. The call is not charged to you.

You set your Avast PIN during Avast Mobile Security installation. If you do not choose a unique PIN, the standard PIN is 0000.

In case you are unable to dial for some reason, or if your device does not offer any phone dialing option, you can access Anti-Theft via your Avast Account when you have connected your device to the account.

Can I restore a forgotten Avast PIN?

For security reasons Avast Mobile Security and Anti-Theft don't send your Avast PIN to our servers, and there is no master key.

If you forgot your Avast PIN, please log in to the Avast Account connected with your device and go to Settings → Anti-Theft to change the PIN. When there is no Avast Account connected with the device, but you have set up a secondary phone number for PIN Recovery, you can send an SMS containing a temporary Avast PIN to the phone number you listed by tapping on Forgot your PIN. When you have accessed Anti-Theft using the temporary PIN, go to Anti-Theft → Avast PIN to change it to a new one. The temporary PIN is only valid for 30 minutes. For more details please read the following article:

Why does the Avast PIN only consist of digits?

Because Avast Anti-Theft is invisible in Stealth Mode, it cannot be accessed the same way as other applications. Instead, open the user interface by calling the Avast PIN as if it were a phone number. Since your phone dialer only accepts numbers, your Avast PIN must also use only numbers.

Why does the Avast icon still appear when Anti-Theft is in Stealth mode?

After switching Anti-Theft to Stealth Mode, you can still see the Avast icon for Avast Mobile Security in your App Tray.

Only Anti-Theft becomes invisible with Stealth Mode. The Mobile Security part should stay visible because the app requires communication with the user. However if you have a rooted device, you can disguise the name of the application during the Advanced installation process.

Or, if you only want to use Avast Anti-Theft, you can uninstall Avast Mobile Security and keep Anti-Theft installed.

Can I block Avast Anti-Theft from forcing a data connection?

If you want to be sure that Avast Anti-Theft does not use up credit for your data plan you can disable the Force DATA connection option via your Avast Account.

Just sign in to the account connected to the device and select the device in the list at left. Go to Anti-Theft, Settings, and uncheck the option Force DATA connection.

How much battery does Avast Mobile Security use?

Avast Mobile Security is designed to have minimal impact on battery life.

Testing across multiple devices shows that all services by Avast Mobile Security generally take up less than 5% of battery consumption. (By comparison, the Launcher can take up about 15% and Gmail about 8%.) During a few operations, such as formatting the SD card or wiping all phone data, Avast Mobile Security can reach at maximum 20% of battery use at the peak of CPU use (about 30-60 seconds).

If it seems that the application is using too much battery during normal operations, you may want to disable the Network Meter since it uses more CPU than other components. Or, contact our support team to report the issue.

Does Avast Mobile Security report different malware detections than Avast Antivirus for desktop computers?

The Virus Scanner and Shields included in Avast Mobile Security use different definitions than the ones used in our antivirus software for PCs. The application is customized to run on mobile devices, and so the definitions are specific to malware which attacks mobile platforms. This saves your device from being overloaded by our PC antivirus engine, which includes an enormous amount of malware data which is not relevant at all to your mobile device.

I love your software! How can I support you?

There are many ways you can show your appreciation and support Avast mobile products. For example:

  • Write a positive review on Google Play.
  • Tell your friends about our software via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Post reviews in Android related forums.

How can I complete my payment if get an error in Google Play during my payment for Avast Mobile Security?

If you get an error message There was an error retrieving server information [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] or your device hangs when you try to initiate payment for Avast Mobile Security, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device's Settings, select Apps, then Google Play and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  2. Go to your device's Settings, select Accounts, then Google, and choose an account. In Settings tap on Remove account.
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Go to your device's Settings, select Accounts, then Google, tap on Log In to connect with your account.

Also check the following criteria:

  • You are using the latest version of Google Play.
  • Your credit card information on file is up to date.

If you are still unable to complete the payment, contact Google Wallet support.

What if I paid twice for Avast Mobile Security?

If you accidentally paid twice, please contact the Avast support team.

If you think you have been charged twice, please check with your bank to find out if the second charge is an authorization. Authorizations occur between Google's billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card. The purpose is to ensure that the card is valid and the necessary funds are available in your account before the order is charged. If an order is cancelled, the pending authorization may appear in your list of transactions but will not result in a charge.

You may also see a $1.00 transaction from Google. This is not a surcharge, but a pending authorization. The charge will not be finalized. For more details please read the following article on Google's support site:

Why was my Google Wallet payment for Avast Mobile Security declined?

If your Google Wallet payment is declined, you should receive an e-mail from Google stating the reason. Please contact Google Support for more information about troubleshooting payments.

What if Avast Mobile Security does not upgrade automatically after my purchase?

You can try restarting your device to refresh the account information. Avast Mobile Security may take a few minutes to upgrade to the Premium edition, so please be patient. If you paid via PayPal, it may take a while longer for the payment to register in the system. If your purchase is still not activated after several minutes, check your email notifications to find out if your payment was cancelled for some reason. For more information please read the following article:

If you were charged for the subscription but your application has not upgraded within 24 hours, submit a ticket to the Avast Support team. Please provide your receipt and phone number to identify the order.

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Avast Anti-Theft
  • Android 5.x
  • Android 4.x
  • Android 3.x
  • Android 2.3.x
  • Android 2.2.x (Avast Mobile Security deprecated)
  • Android 2.1.x (Avast Mobile Security deprecated)

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