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Get our award-winning antivirus solutions to keep your business, your data, and your users safe from the latest ransomware, virus, and malware threats.

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Protect all of your clients with one click.

Install and manage our antivirus software across multiple clients with a single command. From the easy-to-read dashboard, see what is and isn’t protected, fix issues automatically, quickly reinstall security software, and schedule system scans to ensure your clients always have the most up-to-date protection.

Learn ways to leverage online security solutions to add substantial value to your customers and expand your service portfolio.

Antivirus Features


View your customers’ level of protection from a single dashboard and take immediate action when issues arise.


Easily apply standard or customized service plans to workstations and servers for more control.


Generate detailed reports to advise clients, show compliance with requirements, and demonstrate the value of your service.

Site-wide Protection

Automate protection and easily roll out, update, reinstall, and remove competitive products with a single click.

Online Safety

Keep your clients safe online with a variety of data and identity protection features.

Advanced Analytics

400 million sensors provide the latest information to our threat detection network for unbeatable zero-day protection.

Remote monitoring and management made easy.

Keep your clients’ business running smoothly with award-winning endpoint protection,antivirus, and complete network management delivered through the Managed Workplace RMM platform. Start your free trial or view a demo today.


Why are Endpoints Such Juicy Targets for Ransomware?

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Ransomware Survival: Jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the most heinous forms for ransomware. Learn how to spot a Jigsaw attack and the five steps you can take to protect your customers.


2017 Threat Assessment

Explore the rapidly changing ransomware landscape, new phishing techniques, denial of service attacks, and more. Discover what actions you should be taking now to protect your clients’ data and environment.