Is your security vendor
in bed with spies?


Ask your vendor these
FOUR questions

1 Do they share or have they shared their source code with any government agencies?

2 Do they whitelist or have they whitelisted any government malware?

3 Do they weaken or have they weakened any algorithms to make it easier for agencies to hack in?

4 Do they look the other way while spies look at data that you pay to protect?

If they can’t answer no to all four, then you might not be the only one with access to your business data.

Make sure your security
hasn't already been hacked
by spies

If your security provider is working on high-level government contracts, then they might have shared their code with a national security agency. Others have enjoyed cash and prizes for allowing spying agencies to sneak in a backdoor, or by whitelisting spy malware, or at least weakening an algorithm.

AVAST does not take money
from government agencies

You may know that government agencies like to pay security companies for inserting backdoor in their software, that could make it easier for hackers too. AVAST never has and never will. Our founders fundamentally object to any government interloping. We find and eliminate surveillance malware – and any malware – regardless of its source.

Select the right no-spying security for your business

Simply adding avast! business security solutions makes it more difficult and expensive for secret agents or hackers and crooks to spy on your private data, regardless of whether you’re a small office or a growing business.

Small Office

1-10 People


Even though you may not be able to employ an IT team, you still need easily manageable computer security that fully protects your business and customer data. Make it hard on spies without going over budget.

SMB/Growing Enterprise

10 People and more


When you manage IT for a business, you have to protect PCs and servers. So you need an administration console for managing your business security remotely. With Avast, you can scale your anti-spying protection up to 30,000 easily.

Server-Only Security

Unlimited connections


When your company is growing, you need to protect the desk, the road warrior, and your servers. Fortunately our award-winning security for your file and mail servers, shield and secure your company’s data from spying eyes.

Compare our business solutions

Protection Plus
Suite Plus
File Server
Email Server
Endpoint Protection
Intelligent Antivirus yes yes yes yes
Desktop Firewall yes yes
Antispam yes yes
Remote Management
Small Office Administration yes yes yes yes
Enterprise Administration yes yes yes yes
Server Protection
File Server yes yes yes
Sharepoint yes yes yes
SBS Server yes yes yes yes
Exchange Server yes yes
Antispam yes yes
Yearly subscription from $39.99 $49.99 $174.95 $224.95 $399.99 $249.99
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Need help?

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Your browser is obsolete.

1. On 8 April 2014, Microsoft stops support for Internet Explorer browsers running on Windows XP. This will put your computer and data, such as credit card and online banking details, at greater risk to hackers and malware.

2. Several browser alternatives exist, but we at AVAST use and recommend Chrome, as we find it to be the most-secure option available.