Our Avast CommunityIQ technology is the fastest signature-based malware data source available, due in part to our having the largest community.

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Community-sourced early warning system

AVAST Software designed CommunityIQ as a community-based service to provide our Avast Virus Lab analysts with data taken from the actual web-browsing experiences of Avast software users. As over 80% of new malware infections now spread via the internet, and the global Avast user community provides us samples of new viruses as they encounter them, CommunityIQ thus provides us with the best, most up-to-date signature-based detection available.

How it works

Avast CommunityIQ is an early warning technology that is sourced – both voluntarily and anonymously – by our customers. Data acquired by Avast CommunityIQ is used to update our databases of viruses and infected websites, and for other statistical purposes, and can include (for example): URLs of visited websites or information/files that AVAST Software identifies as potentially infected and information on the nature of those identified threats (e.g., viruses, Trojans, tracking cookies, and any other forms of malware); URLs of several sites visited before the infection was identified; information about the sender (not including personal information), the subject of emails identified as potentially infected, and information on the nature of those identified threats.

Avast CommunityIQ Stats

New Unique Malware

Number of unique new malware globally in last 12 months / last 10 years.

New Unique Malware last 12 Months New Unique Malware last 10 years

Number of samples received from Avast CommunityIQ

Number of samples received to our Virus Lab via CommunityIQ in last 12 months.

Number of samples received via CommunityIQ

Streaming virus database updates

Number of streaming virus database updates from Avast Virus Lab in last 12 months.

Number of samples received via CommunityIQ

Your browser is obsolete.

1. On 8 April 2014, Microsoft stops support for Internet Explorer browsers running on Windows XP. This will put your computer and data, such as credit card and online banking details, at greater risk to hackers and malware.

2. Several browser alternatives exist, but we at Avast use and recommend Chrome, as we find it to be the most-secure option available.