avast! Release History

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  • Improved the security of the product
  • Added "resume" support in the setup component
  • New version of the antispam library
  • Added warnings during the installation process for compatibility purposes
  • Ability to disable promotion popups (paid versions only)
  • General bugfixing



  • Stream Filtering – fixed stability and compatibility issues, it's running smooth and fast now
  • Firewall – the firewall should be more stable and with better compatibility with other network applications.
  • Android protection - we can protect (if you wish) your Android phones and tablets with avast! Free Mobile Security (through your active Google Account) automatically (during the installation or update)
  • Stability & performance improvements



  • Stream Filtering - fixed stability and compatibility issues, it's running smooth and fast now, so no more browsing problems
  • ARA/ARC - implemented internal architecture improvements, if you can, please test these components, thanks a lot
  • Firewall - the firewall should be more stable and with better compatibility with other network applications
  • Improved! Software Updater - new installation wizard lets you download and install multiple updates at once directly from download.com
  • Improved! Browser Cleanup - improved detection and removal of browser protectors, those tools that try to block us from getting rid of annoying toolbars
  • Improved! GrimeFighter - now supporting 12 additional languages and with an advanced console for more control of optimization tasks. Go ahead and fight the Grime!



  • FIXED: Uninstalling avast might hang at "stopping service: avast! antivirus"
  • FIXED: Upload issues for Dropbox and Flickr
  • Performance and stabilization fixes in Stream Filter - e.g blocking of ajax calls
  • Several firewall fixes - e.g. blocking of Google Earth
  • Stability improvements - several crashes fixed



  • Fully rewritten WebShield so that it now doesn't work as a "transparent proxy" anymore, which should result in an overall improvement in stability and performance. It also allows to see and detect more threats
  • The Firewall component (in IS and Premier) has been made more compatible with other applications, such as Java and various VPN services
  • The installer/updater has been improved to allow more reliable installation in case of infected machines
  • The changes in the File System Shield's driver should result in faster performance, especially in the copy files and install programs scenarios
  • Browser Cleanup tool beefed up to be able to rip off even the more stubborn toolbars
  • For trialware users, we have also added an interactive tutorial that explains all the features of the product in a straightforward, concise manner
  • Connectivity to the new avast! GrimeFighter product
  • SafePrice is a new, optional module of the Avast browser plugins. It's designed to combine security (hence the "safe" part) with best deals (hence the "price") into one, easy-to-use module



  • Fixed issues with Metro apps (after update to Win 8.1)
  • Fixed occassional problem with playing sounds on the VPS toasters
  • Fixed issue with Outpost FW warning („unsinged“ driver)



  • Fixed connection issues from Java applets
  • Fixed issues with Security Center registration
  • Fixed problems with non english languages in RescueDisk
  • GUI fixes
  • Fixed issues with WinDVD and SQL connectors



  • New DeepScreen technology allows avast! to make more intelligent decisions about new/unknown files
  • New Hardened mode for stricter lockdown scenarios
  • Improved cloud scanning features and crowdsourced analysis of suspicious items
  • Continuously streaming update (CSU) technology for up-to-minute detections
  • Improved cleaning of malware
  • All-new web browser plugins featuring comprehensive security ratings, protection against malware, phishing and typosquatting sites and Do-Not-Track (DNT) functionality for improved anonymity on the Internet
  • All-new SafeZone for more secure online shopping and banking
  • Rescue disk - allow users to create a bootable CD or flash disk with Avast on it
  • A new, streamlined user interface for simplified navigation and more user comfort
  • Control and manage all protected devices directly from the Avast console (through integrated the avast! Account)
  • Dramatic reduction in product size and memory footprint
  • Faster scanning thanks to optimized scanning engine
  • Completely rewritten setup/updater that makes the installation and upgrade process faster, easier and more reliable
  • Firewall has been redesigned from scratch to allow for better compatibility with latest Windows, better performance and full support for IPv6
  • Network protection component tuning & compatibility (WFP technology on Win8+)
  • Various improvement in the Software Updater and Browser Cleanup tool
  • Full Windows 8.1 compatibility
  • Improved general AV performance and stability, including security fixes



  • Support version for migration to AVAST 2014



  • Support version for migration to AVAST 2014



  • Support version for migration to AVAST 2014



  • Support version for migration to AVAST 2014



  • Fixed issues related to Win 8 & Win 8.1
  • Fixed issues in virtualization module (including other x64 platform fixes)
  • Fixed issues in Script shield
  • Outlook plugin fixes



  • BSOD fix in aswTdi.sys
  • Fixed WebRep™ crashes in IE
  • Fixed WebRep™ FF issue with not saving the position
  • SecureLine stability improvements



  • New SecureLine component
  • Screen readers compatibility improved
  • Software Updater improvements
  • Improved stability & performance
  • Fixed glitches in UI



  • Fixed issue with ZoneAlarm
  • Fixed issue with constant CPU frequency
  • Fixed issue with video players
  • Fixed issue with Virtual PC
  • Added some localizations



  • Software Health module
  • Browser Cleanup tool
  • New User Interface
  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Advanced Privacy Tools (avast! Premier only)
  • AccessAnywhere (avast! Premier only)
  • Improved Autosandbox/Sandbox technlogy
  • Improved General AV performance and stability



  • Win8 BSOD fixed (but still investigating some issues)
  • Crashes, freezes on WinXp 64b fixed
  • WebRep™ issues fixed
  • Sandbox stability improved



  • Full compatibility with Windows 8
  • Outlook plugin stability and performance
  • Browser plugins stability
  • General AV performance and stability



  • Fixed "Black screen" syndrome
  • Fixed crashes in IE WebRep™ module
  • Fixed random switching to the Safezone
  • Improved stability & performance of Outlook plugin
  • Double VPS update sounds
  • Fixed SNX issues
  • Fixed some BSODs
  • Fixed some leaks



  • Fixed memory leak in aswMon2 driver
  • Fixed problem with random opening of the SafeZone
  • Fixed SSL connection issues with SMTP
  • Fixed blocking of Internet access
  • Fixed missing "Additional protection" tab
  • Fixed crashes in Outlook
  • Fixed some BSODs



  • Changes in the autosandbox module
  • Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc.)
  • Improvements in SafeZone (protection against kernel-mode keyloggers; Updated SafeZone Browser; clipboard sharing, etc.)
  • Outlook plugin redesign
  • Opera support in WebRep™
  • SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
  • Windows 8 compatibility updates
  • Emergency Updater



  • Improved File system speed
  • Improved AutoSandbox stability
  • Improved AutoSandbox controls
  • Improved gadgets
  • Compatibility with Win 8 Consumer Preview
  • Greater stability of Outlook plugins
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with offline files
  • Other security and stability-related improvements



  • Reputation scanning via FileRep (cloud-based)
  • Streaming updates
  • Sandbox & Autosandbox improvements
  • Remote assistance
  • Browser protection improvements (including antiphishing)
  • New installer
  • Export/Import settings
  • UI facelift
  • Screensaver facelift
  • Runs on Win8 Developer Preview
  • Many other security and stability related fixes



  • Script Shield now works with Google Chrome, all versions of Firefox and Acrobat Reader
  • Improvements in WebRep™ plugins (especially IE)
  • Stability improvements in aswSP.sys and the avast! sandbox
  • File system shield: improved on-close scanning
  • avast! Internet Security: new antispam engine
  • Web Shield and Script Shield: more options in the UI
  • Added in-product avast! Market
  • Various other security and stability related fixes



  • New Script Shield - now scanning deeper and supporting more host processes
  • Web Shield now scanning all processes by default
  • Stability improvements in aswSP.sys
  • Better tracking of file sources
  • WebRep™ now working in new versions of Firefox
  • Under-the-hood improvements in the Behavior Shield and Sandbox modules
  • Solved a compatibility problem with certain Steam-based games
  • Minor improvements in the product UI
  • Various other security and stability related fixes



  • improved compatibility with Windows Vista SP0/SP1 (activation issues)
  • attempt to solve the "Windows Media Player using a red skin" problem
  • Firewall: solved the compatibility problem with uTorrent
  • improved load time of WebRep™ IE plugin
  • fixed a bug in Google Chrome WebRep™ plugin causing excessive CPU usage
  • improvements in the silent installer
  • improved the CommunityIQ sample submission process
  • improved detection/removal of the most stubborn rootkits (TDL family)
  • various stability and compatibility improvements in the sandbox module
  • added new CreditAlert feature (US customers only)
  • added Thai and Serbian language packs



  • solved a problem in aswSP.sys that could lead to a system crash
  • improved tolerance for corrupted installations
  • when updating from a previous version of avast Pro/IS, SafeZone is now automatically added
  • solved a compatibility problem with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro
  • improved cleaning of rootkits
  • fixes in Chrome WebRep™ plugin
  • Behavior Shield: improved compatibility with other applications
  • improvements in the CommunityIQ submission system
  • various performance and compatibility improvements



  • solved a compatibility problem with ZoneAlarm (WinXP)
  • added WebRep™ Chrome extension
  • improved installation of the WebRep™ plugins (especially Firefox)
  • various fixes and improvements in the avast sandbox
  • setup programs now smaller by ~20%
  • Community features and the Welcome screen can now be turned on/off directly from program settings
  • solved a compatibility problem with Outpost firewall
  • solved a bug related to the AutoSandbox offer (WinXP)
  • gadget can now be removed by simply closing it
  • solved a compatibility problem with GameGuard and sXe
  • SafeZone improvements
  • improved sandbox logging
  • SafeZone is now a standalone setup package (can be installed/uninstalled separately)
  • improvements in password processing
  • improvements in the program uninstaller
  • solved a memory leak in the avast gadget
  • fixes in the File System Shield transient cache
  • various stability/compatibility improvements



  • NEW! AutoSandbox – suspicious programs will be optionally run sandboxed
  • NEW! avast! WebRep™ – browser plugin for website reputation rating; a combination of data from our virus lab and community voting
  • NEW! SafeZone – a special virtualized area for sensitive transactions (e.g. secure online banking) (paid products only)
  • Script Shield now even in the Free AV
  • Site Blocking now even in the Free AV
  • fixed USB Safe Removal issue
  • Restore factory settings command (Settings -> Troubleshooting)
  • Automatic actions in the boot-time scan
  • Script Shield now functional even with IE8/IE9 Protected Mode
  • Sidebar gadget
  • Improved stability/compatibility of the Behavior Shield
  • Improvements in the avast! sandbox
  • fixes in the Outlook plugin



  • solved a compatibility problem with CorelDraw X5
  • solved a compatibility problem with Acer control software
  • solved a problem inserting a license file via the installation wizard
  • solved a compatibility problem with some Dell wireless network adapter drivers
  • solved a compatibility problem with Game Guard (used by a number of games)
  • solved a compatibility problem with Sibelius
  • solved various 0xC0000005 and 0xC000007B errors (e.g. with some .NET applications)
  • issues related to upgrades from v5.0 (inactive shields, missing right-click associations, missing 64-bit boot-time scanner etc)
  • solved some possible deadlock conditions (relatively rare but possible)
  • performance related improvements
  • various UI related improvements



  • boot-time scanner now available even in 64-bit Windows
  • big improvements in the Behavior Shield
  • improvements in the antirootkit engine
  • improvements in the cleaning module
  • stability/performance improvements in the Web Shield
  • CommunityIQ improvements
  • added support for sound packs
  • minor improvements in the user interface
  • minor fixes in the firewall



  • solved a problem that could lead to disappearing of the avast service
  • Behavior Shield: solved a minor stability issue (aswSP.sys) + solved a Win7 issue
  • performance and stability improvements in the avast! sandbox
  • changes in the engine allowing us to generically detect/block some new types of exploits
  • speed improvements in the updater
  • IS: fixed a vulnerability in aswFw.sys (Secunia Advisory SA40868)
  • solved a vulnerability related to license files (Secunia Advisory SA41109)
  • solved a problem with scanning of files with very long path names
  • fixed the updater in East-Asian versions of avast running with Windows set to a different locale
  • IS: improvements in the Outlook antispam plugin
  • IS firewall: improvement in the path name matching
  • IS: upgraded to the new version of antispam engine
  • minor changes and fixes in the GUI
  • fixes in the screen reader support
  • fixed a bug where the File System Shield was scanning some files even after being disabled
  • added trimming of setup.log
  • added Danish, Hebrew and Urdu language packs



  • improved interaction with Windows System Restore; namely, avast now auto-repairs itself when it detects a corrupted VPS due to a System Restore (or other reasons)
  • aswSP.sys: solved a minor stability issue
  • solved a problem related to inserting of the license files
  • added the activation code feature
  • solved a problem when avast was progressively slowing down (especially in conjunction with the screensaver)
  • performance improvements in the Behavior Shield
  • avast Screen saver now accessible even in 64-bit Windows Vista
  • stability improvement in aswTdi.sys (solved a compatibility problem with AVG)
  • IS firewall: solved a potential BSOD condition
  • various improvements in the avast! sandbox module
  • minor fixes in the GUI
  • added Catalan and Belarusian language packs



  • Solved a bug related to submission of false positives
  • Improvements in the Behavior Shield (realtime antirootkit part)
  • Sandbox: many functional, stability and performance improvements
  • Firewall: VPN compatibility fixes (should now work even in Public zone etc)
  • Firewall: solved an issue related to hang and/or crash of the afwServ.exe process
  • Finally works with major screen readers (avast is now blind-friendly)
  • Compatibility improvements in the Web Shield
  • Various fixes in the Outlook antispam add-in
  • Improved detection of droppers
  • Setup program of the Pro AV now also accepts v4.x license keys
  • Right-to-left support
  • Added Croatian and Arabic language packs



  • scanning and virus chest features now accessible even from Windows Safe Mode
  • aswSP.sys: solved a minor stability issue (fixed duplicating of protected handles)
  • Pro AV / IS: solved file enumeration problem on FAT32 partitions
  • enhanced compatibility with various Winsock LSPs
  • various improvements in the avast! sandbox
  • improved cleaning of file infecting viruses
  • added compatibility with screen readers; avast! should now be reasonably accessible to visually impaired users
  • system files imported to the virus chest after upgrade from v4.8 are now removed
  • IS firewall: solved a problem related to VPN connections (Windows XP)
  • IS firewall: solved a problem related to Xbox360 media sharing
  • IS firewall: solved a potential BSOD condition when changing logical drive mappings
  • IS firewall: solved a potential crash when saving the packet rules
  • IS firewall: fixes for Internet Connection Sharing
  • IS firewall: Windows 2000 compatibility
  • IS firewall: solved a compatibility problem with Logitech Desktop Manager
  • Pro AV / IS: solved a compatibility problem with PerfectDisk 11
  • Pro AV / IS: ashCmd.exe switch /@ should work again
  • Pro AV / IS: solved a compatibility issue with Acronis True Image
  • various fixes in the Outlook antispam add-in
  • fixes in ashUpd.exe
  • minor improvements in the installer, especially when upgrading from avast v4.8
  • avast! Screen saver can be now configured via the screensaver properties dialog
  • minor fixes in the GUI
  • added Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal), Norwegian, Finnish, Slovenian, Turkish and Vietnamese language packs



  • important fixes related to the installation of the firewall under 64-bit Windows
  • fixed a potential memory leak in the firewall
  • Vista/W7: solved a compatibility problem with System Restore
  • added access keys – the program can be easily now controlled via keyboard
  • solved a problem with the "I only connect to the Internet using a dial up modem" update setting
  • fixed multiple issues in the sandbox (plus a few performance improvements)
  • this new version is now able to communicate with avast! WHS Edition
  • fixed a bug related to the inserting of license files into the program
  • fixed a problem in the Outlook plugin related to inserting of notes into HTML emails
  • solved a compatibility problem with SmithMicro Poser 8 and similar applications
  • improvements in the submission system
  • improvements in the Free AV registration system
  • better handling of errors in case of real-time shield actions
  • improved compatibility with Apple BootCamp
  • improved default firewall rules
  • low priority scans now use much less CPU (but run accordingly longer)
  • components of the avast setup/update process are now digitally signed
  • minor improvements in the GUI
  • new language packs: Greek, Slovak and Ukrainian. This makes the current number of supported languages 19.

Su navegador está obsoleto.

1. El 8 de abril de 2014 Microsoft dejará de dar soporte a su navegador Internet Explorer en Windows XP. Esto pondrá a su equipo y a sus datos, como su tarjeta de crédito o sus detalles de banca en línea, en mayor riesgo frente a los hackers y el malware.

2. Existen algunas alternativas, pero aquí, en AVAST, utilizamos y recomendamos Chrome ya que consideramos que es la opción más segura disponible.