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SharePoint Antivirus
for Servers and Users

Shield your SharePoint server against threats and cyberattacks with Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus Protection, a feature of Avast Business Antivirus Pro. Keep even your most sensitive data safe with advanced virus scanning and detection for Microsoft SharePoint.

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Can SharePoint servers get viruses?

Because Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform, its servers are vulnerable to the same kind of attacks as other online applications. Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus has been developed specifically to keep your files, documents, and photos safe from malware attacks, including ransomware, viruses, and other threats.
Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus

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What does SharePoint Antivirus Protection software do?

Avast Business SharePoint Protection is a security plugin that you install on your SharePoint server. It will scan all uploaded and downloaded files to prevent malicious documents from infecting your business data and it will block ransomware attacks. If the plugin discovers a harmfull document, it will quarantine it and alert the user in the Avast Business Antivirus interface or in the Management Console.

How do I install Avast Business SharePoint Antivirus?

Activation of the plugin is very easy. After you’ve installed your chosen Business Antivirus (both Antivirus Pro and Antivirus Pro Plus include SharePoint Protection), the SharePoint Server will be automatically located. From there you can remotely activate SharePoint virus protection.

Does SharePoint Antivirus Protection work when accessed from mobile devices?

Avast Business SharePoint antivirus software is cloud-based, so it works no matter what kind of device you access it from. This means that your business documents will be safe even if some of your contractors or employees work remotely or use unprotected networks to upload or download documents from your SharePoint server.

Which versions of SharePoint Server is SharePoint Antivirus Protection compatible with?

You can use SharePoint Antivirus Protection with Microsoft SharePoint Server versions 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Puterea cifrelor

101.2% increase in ransomware variants

21% of businesses lost revenue due to cyberattacks

40% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses

45% of SMBs got their information back after paying the ransom

Benefits of Sharepoint Antivirus Protection

Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus

Collaborate in a safe space

Let the entire team work together on the same document and never worry about malware affecting your most sensitive data. The Avast Business SharePoint Protection plugin will scan every file and connection in the Sharepoint Server.

Protect against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are often more successful on shared platforms, like SharePoint Server. Hackers steal more than 9000 pieces of data per attack and only 45% of SMBs attacked will get their data back even if they pay the ransom. So save money and calm nerves by proactively protecting sensitive data.

Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus
Avast Business Sharepoint AntivirusYour computer is protected

Enhance server security by following Microsoft’s recommendations

Microsoft, the provider of SharePoint Server, recommends using some kind of protection that will secure downloads and uploads to the SharePoint Server. Avast Business SharePoint Antivirus provides complete protection for shared files to prevent downtime and data loss.

Defend against infected files and downloads

The seamless connection between SharePoint Protection and Avast Business Antivirus gives you a comprehensive SharePoint antivirus solution, including features like Sandbox. With Sandbox, you can not only find and disarm dangerous files, but you can also open ones you are unsure about in a safe environment before deciding what to do with them.

Avast Business Sharepoint Antivirus Your computer is protected

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

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