Products for mobile use

Protect your privacy from hackers and thieves

Free Mobile Security

Free Mobile Security

Find your lost or stolen mobile device, filter calls and messages, and protect yourself from the more than 2,500 new threats discovered each day – all for free.

Premium Mobile Security

Premium Mobile Security

Take your device's security to a new level with app lock, ad-network detection, and better theft-recovery and wiping tools.


Secure your online communications

Avast SecureLine

The best security for any Wi-Fi because it encrypts everything to protect your privacy and gives you access to content you otherwise can’t watch on the road.

Protect yourself from thieves


Recovery options help you find or lock your lost or stolen device, or remotely delete sensitive information.

Protect all your history and memories

Mobile Backup

Save all your contacts, call logs, SMS history, photos, and other data in the cloud for easy recovery if your phone is lost or stolen.

Don’t pay ransom

Ransomware Removal

If you’re hit with ransomware (like SimpLocker), just activate this free app from Google Play to remove it and regain control.