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Secure Internet Gateway

Break free from traditional network security appliances and start protecting your clients from the most sophisticated cyberthreats with a powerful, cloud-based next-gen firewall.

Simplify your network security offerings

The old way of securing a network is becoming extinct and the threat landscape is expanding.

Costs are rising
Hub-and-spoke network appliances are a significant expense for service providers. Moving security to the cloud removes these maintenance costs.
Network perimeters are dissolving
Users are more remote than ever, connecting to public WiFi and IoT devices, exposing networks outside the limits of an on-premise solution.
Threats are rising
Encrypted traffic makes up nearly 90% of internet traffic – and legacy appliances don’t inspect it. As cyberthreats evolve, so should security.

Secure Internet Gateway solves your current network security challenges and more with:

Fast, full SSL/TLS inspection
Full content and URL filtering
Cloud sandboxing and firewall protection
Global firewall network with over 127 data centers
Mobile protection for Windows, MacOs, Android, and IoS
Virus database updated 125,000x per day
Contextual threat visibility
Active directory integration
SLA: 99.999% availability
100ms or less average latency

What customers say about Secure Internet Gateway

“In addition to greatly improved security, the solution is easily and rapidly deployed with little to no disruption to ongoing business. The Secure Internet Gateway is transformative to the MSSP's operation.“

Chad Strader
President Kappa Services

“With Secure Internet Gateway services, Boca West now has increased their cutting edge security and may more easily take on the future.”

Norman Landerman

“The Avast Secure Internet Gateway is the perfect blend of a global security network and cloud managed firewall service working together to address the security needs of business customers across multiple locations."

Julian Jacquez
BCN President and COO

Main benefits of Secure Internet Gateway

Improved security posture with full SSL inspection
Failure to inspect encrypted data is a major security risk. Secure Internet Gateway provides deployment for full SSL decryption and inspection, eliminating performance degradation, as well as appliance and bandwidth bottlenecks. It also protects mobile workers, branch offices, and devices outside the office.
Cost reduction with a simple design
Secure Internet Gateway eliminates the need for expensive hardware security appliances, hardware maintenance schedules, complex management, and the associated costs of backhauling traffic to and from remote offices. With our completely cloud-based security solution, there’s no hardware to buy or manage.
Improved take rates
If you’re one of our MSP or MSSP partners, Secure Internet Gateway will increase customer take and retention rates through a managed service that seamlessly integrates with your other services. It eliminates up-front hardware costs, security experts, and long-term commitments prohibitive to clients.

Choose between our levels of protection

Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)
Cloud Security Platform
Data Centers - Global access, high availability, with latency SLAs
yes yes yes
Automated, real time updates - over 125,000 daily updates with over 60 threat feeds
yes yes yes
Granular Policies that follow users everywhere in the world
yes yes yes
Authentication - SAML, Secure LDAP, Kerberos, hosted
yes yes yes
Client Application to secure mobile devices (Windows, Mac, Android)
yes yes yes
Traffic forwarding - GRE tunnel, IPSEC, PAC, Proxy Chaining or Client
yes yes yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) for High Availability and Low Latency
yes yes yes
SSL Inspection
Full inline threat inspection of all SSL/TLS traffic with SLA and granular policy
yes yes yes
URL and Content Filtering
Filter by policy across 6 classes, 30 super-categories, 90 categories
yes yes yes
Dynamic content classification for unknown URLs and Safe Search
yes yes yes
Granular policy by users, groups, locations, time and quota
yes yes yes
Inline Anti-virus & Anti-spyware
Signature based anti-malware protection and full inbound/outbound file inspection
yes yes yes
Discover and monitor web applications
yes yes yes
(Streaming, Social, mail, etc.)
no no no
Granular web application controls
no yes yes
Cloud Identity Broker
no yes yes
Mobile Application Reporting and Control
Granular policy and reporting of mobile applications and devices
yes yes yes
Cloud Firewall
Standard Cloud Firewall: Rules by locations, IP, ports and protocols
yes yes yes
Advanced Cloud Firewall: Full Outbound Layer 7 cloud firewall and IPS
no no yes
Full Firewall Logging: Detailed Logs, statistical reporting and dashboards
no no yes
Web Access Control
Ensure outdated and vulnerable browsers and plug-ins are compliant
no yes yes
Bandwidth Control
Protect key apps and limit recreational apps by location or time of day
no yes yes
Advanced Threat Protection
Real-time feeds for reputation blocking of phishing sites and botnets
yes yes yes
Blocking malware, spyware and malicious sites
no yes yes
Cloud IPS advanced threat signature blocking for HTTP and HTTPS
no yes yes
Stop Cross Site Scripting (XSS), cookie stealing and malicious active content
no yes yes
Cloud Sandbox
Standard Cloud Sandbox: Zero day protection for .exe and .dll from unknown and suspicious sites
yes yes yes
Advanced Cloud Sandbox: Zero day protection for all file types, Quarantine by policy, detailed reports
no no yes
Real-time Reporting and Logging
6 months, globally correlated real-time interactive reporting
yes yes yes
Stream to on-premise SIEM (Nanolog Streaming Service w/Live Management)
no no yes
Data Loss Prevention
True file type control by users, groups and destinations
yes yes yes
Advanced Inline Scanning DLP to prevent data leaving the organization

Get Secure Internet Gateway in CloudCare

Powerful protection, right from the cloud

Avast Business cybersecurity services are easily managed and delivered through our cloud-based security platform, CloudCare.

Monitor threats from a single dashboard and easily deploy layered, enterprise-grade security, including Secure Internet Gateway. Use our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device and remotely resolve issues.