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Cloud antivirus

Protect multiple devices from anywhere with our cloud-based antivirus solutions.

What is cloud antivirus?

Cloud-based antivirus moves antivirus workloads from an individual's computer to a cloud-based server that contains a comprehensive and complete antivirus suite. By having antivirus in the cloud, individual computers won't get slowed down by hosting large antivirus software solutions.

Benefits of cloud-based antivirus solutions

If devices have undetected viruses or use unsecured networks, they could infect the business’s network and other endpoints. A traditional endpoint solution would require a user to download the software onto their device. However, with cloud-based solutions this can be done remotely, ensuring malware like ransomware and viruses are stopped before they have access to a business’s network. Scanning and virus signature updates are also done automatically in real time so there is no gap in protection.

Traditional antivirus software that sits on the device can significantly slow down individual machines – especially when updating. These solutions also put the responsibility on the individual to update their machines, which many avoid because it’s time consuming and can impact their productivity. However, failure to update antivirus software can put the whole business at risk. Cloud-based antivirus software eliminates these issues by hosting the software in the cloud.

Cloud-based antivirus software improves efficiency and protection as it can be centrally managed. Both Business Hub and CloudCare include the ability to add new devices, remove others, and block access to rogue or suspicious devices. By having one central platform, businesses can ensure antivirus programs are always up to date. IT teams don’t have to worry about downloading the latest virus definitions when performing a scan as cloud-based antivirus is automatically updated.

We have different management platforms

Avast Business offers two managed security platforms, giving you the tools and insights you need for complete control and visibility across your entire security ecosystem. Combining the right layers in an intuitive delivery platform ensures you have superior protection while eliminating complexity. Check out our security platforms below to see which one is best for you.

Business Hub

Business Hub

Business Hub

The Business Hub is ideal for small businesses that need an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform to quickly deploy antivirus to multiple endpoints, provide continuous monitoring, and get the insight needed to deliver superior protection.

Cloud-based, hassle-free management
Manage all devices from one intuitive dashboard
Fast deployment and scans
Real-time monitoring and alerting
Comprehensive reporting



CloudCare is a SaaS platform that allows you to mix and match endpoint and network security services, monitor threats, and resolve issues all from a single platform. Security services include Secure Web Gateway, Email Security, antivirus, Cloud Backup, and more.

Centralized dashboard
Detailed reporting
Remote IT support
Third-party integration

Have questions about cloud-based solutions?

Avast Business cloud-based antivirus protects all devices in a business’ network, rather than slowing down devices with individually deployed antivirus software. Antivirus with the Business Hub can be deployed through our Business Hub which can help improve security by providing immediate alerts and continuous monitoring.

Yes, our cloud-based antivirus for business works across multiple devices. You can manage your devices and network from anywhere - all you need is an internet connection and your login information for the Business Hub. Activating each new device after installation prevents unknown devices from being added to your platform. You can always remove any unfamiliar devices.

There are three levels of protection: Antivirus, Antivirus Pro and Antivirus Pro Plus. All cloud antivirus software comes with features such as firewall, email shield, and anti-spam. Pro and Pro Plus include server protection and data shredder, which permanently deletes files by overwriting them several times with random data. Only Pro Plus has Secureline VPN, password protection, webcam shield, and browser cleanup.

To deploy managed antivirus from the Business Hub, simply choose to buy or try one of the three antivirus plans: Antivirus, Antivirus Pro, or Antivirus Pro Plus. You will then be taken to the Business Hub dashboard where you can see an overview of your network status, review your device settings, and then deploy the installer to your devices. The final step is to activate your new devices.

Within CloudCare, the only managed antivirus option is Antivirus Pro Plus, which provides complete device, data, and identity protection. To get started, go to the CloudCare page and sign up for a free trial. An Avast Business representative will contact you to review the platform, create your account, and send you an email with your login information.