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Identity Management Training

Course Modules

There are three beginner-level courses in the identity management module:

For details of the full course structure, including Intermediate and Advanced modules, please refer to the Course details section below.


With so many potential threats to business data, including cyberattacks and insider threats, having close control of sensitive data is vital for the continuation of business as usual. 

Identity management should be an essential element of every business security plan. With an understanding of the right approaches that meet the requirements of your business and industry, onboarding will become faster, data compliance will be simpler to manage and performance can be optimized, all while improving data security.

This course begins with modules looking at what identity management is, how it works, best practices, and examples of different models. Later modules look at implementation across common platforms, including Windows and cloud-based services, before explaining how to use this information to construct your own identity management framework.

Finally, Advanced modules look into the pros and cons of open-source software to create more tailored solutions and how to develop strategies to ensure your identity management strategy aligns with the size and scale of your business, both now and in the future.

At the end of each module, there will be a quiz to test the user’s understanding. When the quiz is successfully completed, the user will be able to download pass confirmation to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.

Who is this training course for?

Identity Management Training by Avast Business is a course for anyone connected to SMBs who wants to understand how data security can be improved through the control of access to data across an organization.

From the basics, including topline definitions, concepts, guidance on best practices, and constructing a bespoke strategy, this course offers a better understanding of how identity management functions and which systems best suit different scenarios.

Course details

The Identity Management Training course contains nine modules.

Beginner modules

What is Identity Management?

  • What is the difference between identity and access management?
  • What is an identity management system?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Challenges
  • Benefits

Identity Management and Access Control

  • What are access controls?
  • What is the difference between identity management and access control?
  • Types of access control
  • Choosing the right access control

Identity Management Best Practices

  • Identifying best practices for identity management implementation
  • Methods to improve sign-in security
  • Best practice for data breach recovery

Intermediate modules

Understanding Identity Management in IoT

  • How does IoT link with identity and access management?
  • Evolution of identity management in IoT

Identity Management: Windows

  • What does Microsoft Identity Manager do?
  • MIM History
  • MIM Benefits
  • Azure AD

Identity Management in cloud computing

  • Role of identity management solutions in cloud computing
  • Features
  • Benefits

Designing an Identity Management framework

  • Creating an IAM team
  • Building an effective architecture
  • Considerations

Advanced modules

Identity Management: Open-source software

  • Why open source works for identity and access management
  • The drawbacks of open source IAM software
  • Essential features
  • Open Web Standards
  • IAM Systems for Enterprise

Developing Identity management strategies

  • Essential considerations
  • Compliance
  • User-prioritized approach
  • Zero trust
  • Comparing approaches
  • Evolution


There are no prerequisites for this course, but starting with the Beginner modules will ensure a thorough understanding of the key principles of identity management before moving into more detail around practical implementation.

Ready to begin?

Get started with our Beginner modules:

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