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Case study

Edison Power Constructors improves efficiency by 70% using Avast Business Managed Antivirus

The Company

At Edison Power Constructors, a subsidiary of PLH Group, the company’s experienced field and project management team works in some of the most challenging conditions to build, repair, or restore power to electric transmission and distribution infrastructure throughout the U.S. Started in 2013 and based in Mesa, Arizona, the company is committed to building long-term customer relationships, respecting employees, and planning and executing projects as safely as possible.

The Challenge

As the one-person IT team for Edison Power Constructors, Doug Whitfield manages more than 250 mobile devices and workstations. Many of his users work outside a traditional office environment.

“Our team is typically out in the field working in rural conditions, often accessing laptops and mobile phones from doublewide trailers on the job site. At any point, we may also have a new project that requires 30 or more people on location – who all need connectivity. Ensuring every device remains secure, stays patched, and can connect safely to our network are top priorities,” Doug explains.

The Solution

When Doug joined four years ago, the company didn’t have a dedicated security solution and used the Windows Defender software included in the Windows operating system. Frustrated with Defender’s limited antivirus features, Doug switched to the free version of Avast Antivirus to gain more capabilities and a defense against zero-day threats. He later upgraded to Avast Business Managed Antivirus and the cloud-based Management Console.

It’s been a big improvement,” says Doug. “Along with the visibility and management control through the central console, I have access to at least ten or more business-grade antivirus features that let me automatically scan for malware or suspicious Wi-Fi networks, stop phishing emails and other spam, and use the firewall as an additional defense.”

From the console, Doug can customize alerts, create reports, and monitor threats in real-time. “I like the reporting tool in the console. I can see the risks, what is being quarantined and on what device, and how the antivirus software handled it. I can provide reports to upper management showing them the business is being protected. It’s also an opportunity to see where we can improve security measures and train users on security practices."

Doug is also testing the new Avast Business Patch Management service, which is integrated into the Management Console. “With all of the required patches and updates needed, I always have different patch routines. The ability to schedule and automate my Patch Management from within the console has already proven to be a significant time saver and helps me ensure our network and endpoints are protected.”

The Results

Since upgrading to Avast Business Managed Antivirus, Doug estimates he is working at least 70% more efficiently and has improved visibility across his network by 100%.

“I’m able to automate every aspect of my security service delivery,” he says. “Through the automatic email alerts and reports, I don’t have to monitor individual users and can see the health of our network at a glance. All of this contributes to hours saved each day and greater efficiency.”

For Doug, the enterprise-grade quality of the Avast Business solution and the level of threat detection made it stand above the rest. “When the WannaCry ransomware attack hit a few years ago, the Avast Business development team notified me that zero-day protection was a core feature of its antivirus solution and that I was protected. This is exactly what every customer wants to hear. I see the advantages of the technology in action every day and I know I’ve chosen the right security solution.”


Electric power

Business need

Ensuring uptime and secure device access from any location while keeping the network safe


Avast Business Managed Antivirus through the Cloud Management Console


  • Increased daily efficiency by 70% using the Management Console’s automation and scheduling capabilities
  • Improved visibility across the network by 100%
  • Streamlined and automated patch scheduling and delivery using the beta version of the console’s new Patch Management service

I wouldn’t be able to do my job without Avast Business Managed Antivirus. From one central console, I can customize and automate my security services, see threats being blocked in real-time, and create reports showing this. It’s like having another employee working on my team without the overhead or management required.

Edison Power Constructors Case Study


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