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Social Media Security Training

Course level




Course Modules

There are two Beginner-level modules in the social media security course:

Social media has increasingly become essential for modern businesses, and is leveraged as a tool for building customer connections, research, and marketing. But its increased popularity has attracted cybercriminals looking for new opportunities to exploit businesses, creating increased social media-focused crime and resulting in data breaches and significant damage to business reputations around the world.

This course begins with modules looking at the security risks of social media for business users, best practices that should be implemented, and the potential consequences when security measures are insufficient.

At the end of each module, there will be a quiz to test your understanding. When the quiz is completed with a passing score, you will be able to download pass confirmation to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.

Who is this training course for?

Social media security training by Avast Business is a course for anyone connected to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who wants to understand the risks associated with the increased use of social media for business activities and how to help protect against them.

By taking this course, you should develop an understanding of the fundamentals of social media security for business, including common threats and the potential consequences of inaction. You will also learn what measures should be implemented to improve security within your business.

Course details

The social media security training course consists of two beginner modules.

Beginner modules

Understanding social media security risks

  • Why is social media important for business?
  • Is social media a security threat?
  • Five major social media security threats
  • Social media security consequences

Social media security best practices

  • How can social media security be improved?
  • Build a social media security strategy


There are no prerequisites for this course, but starting with the beginner modules will provide a thorough understanding of the key principles of social media security before moving into further learning around practical implementation.

Ready to begin?

Start off with our social media security (Beginner) modules:

Once you’ve completed this course, continue expanding your knowledge with other beginner-level training courses:

Make sure your business is protected against even the newest cyberthreats.


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