Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect data with a secure, automated backup process that is easy to deploy and recovers data in minutes.

Protect mission-critical data

Back up workstation files and folders or perform bare metal backups on servers to ensure all mission-critical data is secured.

Centrally monitor and manage

Set backup and recovery policies, receive alerts on backup failures, and monitor all endpoints and sites under management.

Recover quickly

If disaster strikes, simply recover data from either the cloud or onsite backup and restore to the new designated location.

Get Backup and Disaster Recovery in the following managed security platforms


CloudCare is an online security platform that makes it significantly faster and easier for IT professionals to deliver layered security to the business, monitor threats, and resolve issues.

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Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace is a comprehensive remote monitoring and network management platform with powerful, integrated security tools
and services.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Features

Guaranteed 15-minute Recovery

If disaster strikes, get systems, networks, and servers up and running in under 15 minutes to ensure business continuity.

Simple Policy Setup

Out-of-the-box policies allow you to easily set up and use the customized settings to determine backup frequency, type, and file size.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate real-time reports that include backup history, stored data usage, individual device usage, backup plans, backup history, and much more.

Server and Device Protection

Perform a bare-metal backup of servers or online backup for files and folders for your devices from a single console to ensure all mission-critical data is protected.

Real-time Alerts

Set up alerts and receive emails with updates on backups that have failed, missed their schedule, or have been successfully completed.

File Restoration

If data is lost or becomes corrupt, backed-up data can be viewed and restored directly from the dashboard.