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Avast Smart Life

AI-driven security and digital wellness tools for the modern connected family.

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Protect your customers everywhere they connect with our most advanced security

Smart Life brings together decades of award-winning security and AI-driven innovation to protect your customers and their devices however and wherever they connect, including IoT.

Device fingerprinting
Smart Life utilizes the vast amounts of data gathered by our extensive global network to accurately model home network topologies.
Device anomaly detection
Smart Life detects any unusual network or device behavior and isolates it to ensure that a single compromised device doesn’t put the entire network at risk.
Device and network behavioral analysis
Smart Life analyzes device and network activity against historical patterns and our global threat database to identify malicious activity.
Protection against all threats
Smart Life protects against both existing and new ‘zero-day’ threats using our extensive threat database and detection capabilities.

Promote digital wellness and smarter parenting

As connectivity becomes increasingly pervasive in our lives, parents are turning towards technology to help manage their digital habits and keep their families safe both online and off with parental assistant tools.

Manage screen time
Encourage healthier digital habits by using Smart Life’s ‘Pause Internet’ and ‘Schedule Downtime’ features to disconnect.
Check real-time location
Let families check where their loved ones are at all times using real-time location features such as geo-fence alerts, scheduled locates, and GPS-tracker integration.
Receive activity insights and reports
Help your customers better understand their digital habits with a daily report that identifies areas needing improvement and facilitates conversations with their children.
Manage content exposure
Enable parents to keep their children safe from dangerous and inappropriate online content with Smart Life’s advanced parental control features.

Why Smart Life?

With over 30 years as a leader in cybersecurity, we at Avast know what it takes to protect customers from digital threats, keep their data private, and help them manage their digital wellness. Smart Life brings this knowledge and experience to your customers.

Security not reliant on DNS
Smart Life uses AI to understand network behavior even when DNS traffic is encrypted — an area where traditional security systems fall short.
Designed for scalability
Smart Life assesses patternized network behavior rather than performing deep inspection (DPI), allowing for superior scalability.
Ready for 5G environments
Smart Life can be deployed at the network edge to keep consumers and their devices secure, wherever they go.

A flexible architecture that’s 5G ready

Smart Life can be deployed both at the router and 5G edge, allowing both broadband and mobile operators to offer their customers comprehensive security.

Router firmware

Smart Life can be integrated as a small firmware layer directly onto partner routers. Customers can then activate the service through their network provider and can manage their digital security through the mobile application.

5G Virtual Networking Function

Smart Life can be integrated at the edge network as a VNF, enabling 5G mobile operators to offer device security for mobile devices, mobile IoT connections, 5G hotspot routers, and more.

Both the router and 5G deployments of Smart Life share the same underlying technology as our traditional device-based security and digital wellbeing solutions. Operators can deploy across multiple perimeters, while streamlining the customer experience.

The innovation behind Smart Life

Semi-synchronous data path

The data flow is bifurcated when it reaches Smart Life, either at the router or 5G edge network, allowing for semi-synchronous analysis of the traffic. By avoiding traditional in-line security, Smart Life has little to no impact on user latency.

AI-driven network analysis

Smart Life detects, identifies, and monitors each individual connection. Compared to deep packet inspection solutions, our AI algorithms are trained to utilize network telemetry data to efficiently and accurately understand network traffic, even when parts may be encrypted.

Probabilistic models and pattern recognition

Smart Life starts by understanding the types of device and its typical behavior patterns. From there, Smart Life detects potential threats by identifying abnormalities to shut down potential attacks, while also limiting access to the rest of the network.

A flexible architecture that’s 5G ready

A flexible architecture that’s 5G ready


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