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Avast Smart Life Platform

Network safety for your customers and their families.

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Innovative security, now at network level

With Avast Smart Life in your network, you will provide your customers with the security, privacy, and insights vital in the IoT age.

Device intelligence

Device intelligence

Smart Life knows which devices are connected to your customers’ networks and learns how they function, making it easier to recognize unusual behavior.

Network safety

Network safety

Detects threats in real-time and shuts down malicious attacks before they can cause any harm to your customers or their families.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Provides parents with insight and control over how their children use the Internet so they can help them develop healthy online habits.

Protect your customers, wherever they go

Comprehensive security means protecting your customers at all times and in all places, whether they're connected to their home network over LAN, or your central gateway over your broadband cellular network.

Smart Life in the router

Smart Life on the router

Password-protected routers aren’t enough to stop hackers from breaking into home networks. Smart Life is: it secures your customers’ home Wi-Fi and every device connected to it, keeping all smart devices secured against threats.

Smart Life in the router

Smart Life on the gateway

Protection shouldn’t be limited by the borders of your home network. By implementing network security directly on the gateway, you can easily keep your customers and their devices safe, everywhere they go.

How it works

Whether Smart Life is deployed on the router or directly on the gateway, all data is processed and analyzed in real-time by our cloud intelligence platform. Both implementations are easily managed through our companion app.

Powerful and easy to use

Driven by AI

Using artificial intelligence, Smart Life Platform learns how to detect unusual behavior in your customers’ home networks and immediately notifies them of any malicious activity.

Always up-to-date

By continuously learning the behavior of new devices and processing big data in real-time, Smart Life Platform provides world-class security, privacy, and insights.

Cross-platform and cross-device

Smart Life Platform acts as the central hub of your home’s comprehensive security solution. Our app makes it easy to manage.

Doesn’t slow you down

Smart Life Platform has been designed so that it will not affect your router performance or slow down your Internet connection.

Fully customizable

Smart Life Platform is available as white-labeled, or branded to fit your brand identity — whatever works best for you.

Our global partners

Mobile network operators and OEMs around the world partner with us to provide innovative solutions to their millions of customers.


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