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Everyone uses passwords. But not the way they should. Make yours unbreakable and protect your accounts from hackers.

Save your passwords the smart way

Gmail. Facebook. Your online banking. With so many accounts, it’s tempting to reuse your passwords – or worse, save them on your browser.

Put your passwords to the test

The moment of truth. Are your password habits safe?

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Do you save your passwords on your browser?

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Do you consistently make sure your passwords are at least 8 characters long?

Yes No


Do your passwords always consist of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols (!"£$%^&*()_…)?

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Do you ever use names of your significant ones, friends, pets – or their birthdays or anniversaries – in your passwords?

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And what about the classic "123456", "love", "letmein" — or even "password" passwords?

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Do you use a password manager to handle your passwords securely?

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You scored just %.

Protect your passwords better, with Avast Passwords.

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You scored %.

Protect your passwords better, with Avast Passwords.

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%! What a password wizard!

Still, you might want to check out the world’s safest password manager.

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Patent-pending security

Safe-sync your toys


Never store passwords on your browser

Part of our core security

Forget remembering your passwords

Well, almost. We’ll make sure you have a unique, unbreakable password for all your sites. You just have to remember one.

Create your Main Password

From now on, this will be the only one you have to remember.

Log in like you’ve never logged in before

Log in anywhere, using your new Main Password. Easy.

Save your passwords into Passwords

Log into your favorite sites, and we’ll help you save your passwords just like you’re used to doing with your browser. Or save them manually – it’s up to you.

Add devices

Use Passwords on your PC, Android, iPhone - all at once. Just get the Passwords app for your device.

Get the app for other devices

Welcome to password security – free forever

That’s it. Now gloat (but not too smugly), knowing you’re covered.

Give your passwords an additional boost

Even the most reputable services can get hacked. When this happens, we’ll tell you immediately so you can change your password.

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Premium version
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Password Guardian

One Touch Login

Protect your other devices too

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