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Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-based, enterprise-grade web protection for small and medium businesses

Avast Business Secure Web Gateway is a fully scalable, cloud-based web security solution that blocks web threats before they get into your network. Now you can secure your network traffic without the complexity and overhead of additional proxy servers or on-premise appliances. Just point your DNS to us and take advantage of our enterprise-grade network security services.

Advanced Protection
Our threat detection network draws from 21 different threat feeds from some of the largest research teams in the security space, acting as always-awake security guards. Any threat detected anywhere in our cloud is immediately blocked for that customer and all customers within our network.
Reduced Complexity
Secure Web Gateway can be configured in three easy steps and deployed within minutes from the CloudCare security platform. With CloudCare, you can easily deploy a range of security services, manage policies, check device status, and remediate issues – all from a single pane of glass.
Increased Speed
Secure Web Gateway uses DNS-based lookups that take less than 2 milliseconds, so they won’t slow your network down like appliances and proxy servers. Network traffic, including remote users, is automatically directed to the nearest DNS server to deliver the highest performance experience.

How it Works

When an uncategorized web address is accessed via our service, a proxy of that content is staged and the site gets inspected for threats. Once this inspection is complete, the site gets categorized and classified in one of dozens of pre-configured categories, and this new intelligence then gets pushed out to the entire network.


Threat Security

Blocks malicious downloads and known malicious URLs from entering the network.

Intelligent Proxying

Inspects, categorizes, and classifies a suspicious unknown site into a known good or bad site.

  • Intelligent SSL Inspection – Performs high-speed, intelligent analysis of hard-to-inspect SSL traffic
  • Cloud Sandbox – Analyzes suspicious files and URLs in a virtual environment to detect hidden malicious content for all EXE files and DLL traffic.

Allow/Block Lists

Easily modify dozens of pre-configured, dynamic block/allow lists that get updated regularly as new sites get classified.

Content Filtering

Allows administrators to choose the level of content filtering they want to enforce and block requests based on their desired settings

Anycast DNS Server

Network traffic is automatically directed to the nearest data center to deliver the highest performance experience.

Secure Web Gateway Data Sheet


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