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Need a password manager?

Everyone could use a little help with their passwords. Find out if you need the extra security and protection afforded by a password manager from Avast.

Ever wondered ‘How strong is my password’?

You’d be surprised. Check to see how strong your password really is with the password checker below.

Bad password. Bad password. Medium password. Strong password. Crazy levels awesome. Crazy levels awesome.

Try a password.
Don’t worry, we won’t see or save it.
Really? It would take less than one second to crack your password. Please try again. Really? It would take 286 to crack your password. Please try again. Not bad at all. It would take 286 to crack your password. Now we’re talking. It would take 286 to crack your password. Wow! Even our guys at Avast Passwords would be proud. It would take 286 to crack your password. Wow! We'll be living on Mars by the time anyone cracks your password.

Your top 30 worst passwords

See if it “seems likely” you’ll get hacked. The engineers at Avast have stored 30 of the worst commonly used passwords in this fortune-telling 8-Ball. Give it a shake and see if your password comes up.

A lot of people still don’t take computer security seriously. To ensure your password’s safety, the best thing you can do is use a password manager to change it. It’s the most secure solution. It also saves you from having to remember or change all those passwords yourself.

How to create a strong password

There’s no secret to security. The best passwords include a variety of symbols.

Avast Internet Security


Avast Internet Security

Capital letters

Avast Internet Security

Special characters

Avast Internet Security

More than 8 characters

Generate a safe password now

The best way to create a strong password is to use a random password generator. This will give you a strong password for any or all of your online accounts.

a-z A-Z 0-9 !$%@#

Once you’ve generated your strong passwords, the biggest problem is remembering them all. And that's exactly why we have developed our free password manager. You choose a single password and our password manager takes care of the rest.

Don’t become another statistic

Hackers steal over 1 billion passwords annually. The reason? People use weak passwords, reuse the same password across several accounts — or worse, save their passwords on their browsers. These are basic mistakes that Avast Passwords will help you avoid.

One password to rule them all

Create strong passwords for all of your accounts — across your all of your devices (Windows, Android, iOS included). Every single password, from your online banking to your Twitter account, will be generated randomly and then encrypted within a five-layer security vault. All you have to remember is your master password.


Generates strong passwords

Instantly generates an unbeatable password for any account.

Imports passwords from your browser

Passwords are easy pickings when stored in a browser; remove them with just one click.

Synchronizes passwords across devices

Make sure your PC, tablet, and mobile are all secured - effortlessly.

Auto-capture your passwords

Every time you create a new password, it’s automatically stored in Avast Passwords.

Auto-fill forms quickly and easily

Avast’s password manager conveniently auto-fills your login info to save you time.

Make the most of our encrypted space

Keep your important or sensitive notes and texts private.

Password protection you can trust

For 28 years and for more than 400 million users, Avast is one of the most trusted brands in the cyber-security business. Avast Passwords is our latest and greatest effort to make your accounts, and the Internet, safer.

What makes Avast Passwords the best password manager?

100% security for your passwords

Fully secure encryption from the world’s most trusted security company.

Simple and convenient

Protects all your accounts on all your devices with just one password.

Lots of useful features

Passwords comes with a password generator, auto-capture, auto-fill, one-click password importing, one-click password syncing, and more.

And the best part? It’s all free!