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Content Filtering

Increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering that blocks access to unsafe websites.

Increase productivity and protect company networks from harm

Prevent cyberattacks

Secure networks and users alike by automatically blocking access to risky websites known to deliver spyware, malware, and other web threats.

Increase productivity

Ensure safe and acceptable web usage by limiting or blocking access to objectionable web content, social networks, or other sites that raise liability or limit productivity.

Simplify management

Use out-of-the-box templates to quickly and automatically deploy new filtering policies, or create new default templates specifically for desktops and laptops that can be used by anyone.

Get Content Filtering in CloudCare

Get Content Filtering in CloudCare

Content Filtering is a fast, flexible, and highly effective way to help boost productivity and increase security by limiting the websites employees can visit. Now you can install and manage it easily from CloudCare.

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Content Filtering Features

No Traffic Rerouting

Our patented V-routing technology does not require rerouting of traffic or other methods that degrade Internet speed.

Secondary Local Passwords

Create a secondary, local password to override locked pages without compromising the administrative password.

Automatic Site Blocking

Automatically block sites by category or use flexible Block/Warn Only/Allow options to allow employee access to specific sites.

Dynamic Page Filtering

iCat Dynamic Filtering scans any pages not yet categorized in our database to ensure new threats don’t slip through.

Out-of-the-box Templates

Use out-of-the-box templates to quickly set up flexible user policies for in the office, at home, or on the road.

Alerting and Reporting

Keep watch over every device and all user activity with instant email alerts and historical reports.