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Avast Smart Life

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Why care about IoT security?

Smart devices on the rise

At over 8 billion, the number of IoT devices today has officially surpassed the world’s population; and it’s only expected to grow, reaching over 20 billion by 2020. As our lives become increasingly entwined with smart devices, ensuring the security of these devices — smart TVs, thermostats, speakers, etc. — has become essential.

Smart devices on the rise

Personal privacy at risk

IoT devices are essentially a digital window into your and your family’s personal lives. And without proper protection, the sensitive information (home address, phone number, social media accounts, etc.) stored on these devices could become vulnerable to hackers. They could also invade your home directly, such as by spying on you via your smart TV.

Personal privacy at risk

Unsecured networks

Hackers have already demonstrated the ways in which IoT devices can be compromised, and with each new smart device put into the home, this risk increases.
The reality is that standard endpoint antivirus software isn’t sufficient for IoT. True security must be multi-layered.

Multi-layer security

Smart Life keeps you safe

Smart Life keeps you safe
Device intelligence

Device intelligence

Knows what devices are connected to your network and learns how they function normally, making it easier to recognize unusual behavior.

Network safety

Network safety

Detects threats in real-time and shuts down malicious attacks before they can cause any harm to you or your family.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Provides parents with insights and control over how their children use the Internet so they can help them develop healthy online habits.

Powerful and easy to use

Works with every connected device

Smart Life acts as the central hub of your home’s comprehensive security solution. Our app makes it easy to manage.

Always up-to-date

By continuously learning the behavior of new devices and processing big data in real-time, Smart Life provides world-class security, privacy, and insights.

Driven by AI

Using artificial intelligence, Smart Life learns how to detect unusual behavior in your home network and immediately notifies you of any malicious activity.

Doesn’t slow you down

Smart Life has been designed so that it will not affect your router performance or slow down your Internet connection.

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