Get true protection

PC protection beyond the essentials.

When you get a PC, the first thing you should do is install a free antivirus. That’s a no-brainer. But what if you want to take your security further?


The whole package. Top-of-the-line protection against all kinds of attacks.

A$ 94.99 A$ 69.99  / year

Internet Security

Our world-trusted security, with protection from invisible internet dangers.

A$ 69.99 A$ 49.99  / year

Pro Antivirus

Stay safe from suspicious files and redirects, with minimal impact on your PC.

A$ 49.99 A$ 44.99  / year


Go private on any network. Encrypt everything you send or receive.

A$ 99.99 A$ 74.99  / year


Keep all of your accounts protected, with just one unbreakable password.

A$ 29.99 A$ 14.99  / year


Increase the speed and performance of your computer, and free up disk space.

A$ 49.99 A$ 44.99  / year

Total Support

24/7 premium telephone assistance to solve any computer-related issue for you.

A$ 209.99  / year

Don’t leave your Android unprotected.

Hackers want your private data to sell on the black market or to blackmail you. And they know how to find what they’re looking for in your phone and tablet.

SecureLine Mobile

Go private on any network. Encrypt everything you send or receive.

A$ 24.99  / year

Thwart eavesdropping on your iPhone or iPad.

You may be in a cafe browsing the web, sending emails or chatting with friends on the free Wi-Fi. And the guy with a laptop at the next table may be catching it all.

SecureLine Mobile

Go private on any network. Encrypt everything you send or receive.

A$ 24.99  / year

Your business calls for outstanding security.

Whether you are an enterprise or a start-up, make sure you're covered.

Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

PC and server security suite for business, with anti-spam, Exchange and SharePoint support.

A$ 274.95 / 5  / year

Endpoint Protection

Protection for your business computers featuring management from a single point.

A$ 49.99  / year

Endpoint Protection Plus

The ultimate security pack for companies not requiring server protection.

A$ 69.99  / year

Endpoint Protection Suite

An antivirus that protects your company’s PCs and servers, including SharePoint.

A$ 209.95 / 5  / year

File Server Security

Heavy-duty server antivirus allowing unlimited connections, with SharePoint support.

A$ 479.99  / year

Email Server Security

Server antivirus for unlimited mailboxes hosted on your email servers, with built-in anti-spam.

A$ 299.99  / year

Protect your Linux email servers, file server or the entire network.

Security Suite for Linux

All-in-one Linux security for email servers, file servers or the entire network.

$ 299.99  / year

Core Security for Linux

A core Linux scanner with a command-line utility for on-demand scanning or mail server integration using AMmaVis.

$ 199.99  / year

File Server Security for Linux

Combines a core Linux scanner with a fanotify-based “on-write“ shield for file servers.

$ 249.99  / year

Network Security for Linux

A Linux scanner and a transparent network traffic filtering proxy, for gateway or router usage.

$ 249.99  / year

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SecureLine VPN
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